Evie's new pants

We have just had a lovely visit from my cousin Lisa and her daughter Evie. They're from Melbourne. Six days went by far too quickly and we had a great time together. Whilst entertaining little Evie, Lisa and I managed to tick off a few of the things we had talked about doing together. One of the things we have tried to do and haven't managed in the past is to have a stitching session together.

Lisa is relatively new to sewing. She has made some wonderful softies for my girls and a lovely patchwork skirt for Evie (I will show that in a later post) but wants more experience with sewing clothes for Evie and herself. So last night she whipped up these fun pull-on pants for Evie in the Cotton 'Silhouette Tales' and Cotton 'Black Spot'. How divine are they? At the moment, Evie's rather partial to skirts of the twirly variety but she was very happy to jump into these which made the process even more satisfying! There's nothing quite like pleasing the fickle tastes of a toddler...

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