Friday, February 8, 2008

Tessuti Soft Furnishings

Not only are Tessuti fabrics suitable for garments...they also look great made up in soft furnishings. Emma made these up for her new home in our 100% Cotton 'duckegg eyelet' and notice the fabric under the lovely flower plant? See it also here!


  1. Hi Colette. Love the blog and news about Tessuti. I'm a customer at the Bondi store and (on the theme of homewares) have just finished a children's project - placemat and napkin set - using some lovely Japanese cotton from your shop.

  2. Hi Marina,love your placemat and napkin set made up in the Japanese piggie print.........very cute.

  3. Hi Colette, I love using dress fabrics for furnishing.

    I have a tip for those who might want to use a very soft fabric for home furnishing. To make it "sturdier", use a fusible interfacing in the weight you want. If the fabric is not suitable to fuse, you can underline it with calico. A spray of scotchgard will help protect from spills.

  4. Even in the photo, the fabric has an extremely soft glow.


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