Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Garment Fusing Service in Surry Hills

When interfacing jackets or coats that require lots of pattern pieces to be bonded with fusing - this task can be very time consuming , not to mention the frustration of having the interfacing start to bubble if it has not properly adhered to the fabric.

Rather than struggle with ironing your interfacing at home - another solution is to visit Gary at 'Garment Fusing Service' in Surry Hills - on the corner of Sophia and Riley Sts - 5 mins from Tessuti Surry Hills. Gary is happy to put your pieces through his fusing machine - it literally takes seconds and no job is too big or small. Gary charges approx 60c per pattern piece & up to $1 to $1.50 per block ( check with Gary for prices as sizes and cost may differ ). The cost to fuse my jacket was $7. It's worth it - because it leaves more time for sewing and I know that it won't bubble!!!

HOW IT"S DONE.... you lay out all your pattern pieces that you have cut out at home. Place the appropriate interfacing pieces glue side down on the wrong side of your fabric - making sure to trim away any fusing that sticks out past your fabric piece. This is so that none of the pieces get caught in the machine.

Next Gary places your pieces on the conveyer belt that moves through the fusing machine...

the fusing and fabric are bonded together with heat, pressure and time and voila! comes out at the other end all bonded.

All finished - it took only 3 mins - and ready to take home and sew.

It's a bit tricky to find because you cannot see this place from the street.There is a loading dock in Sophia St and the entrance to 'Garment Fusing Service' is just to the right of it...see below.

Gary is open 5 days from 8am til 5pm - Mon to Fri and if you would like to go in on a Saturday - he is happy to open up - just be sure to call on Friday and let him know that you want to come in. Now that's great service!!!

For any queries call Gary on 02 92125257.


  1. Once again, you make me wish I lived in Sydney!! I've never heard of this service before, but I really really wish there was one here in London...

  2. This is such a great idea! I think it's definitely worth it, think of all the elbow grease you saved - no laborious pressing for an hour. I wonder if I have one of these in my area...

  3. Melissa - I am sure that somewhere in London you would find a place like this ....what area in London is the ragtrade district? Surry Hills is for Sydney.

    Christina - I am not sure if Seattle has a district like this ...but otherwise another great thing to use - to save laborious hours of pressing with the iron - an Elna Press .

    See link above .You know the little domestic presses we buy to iron shirts and trousers alot quicker but never use!!! Because of this they are sometimes found in second hand stores - usually in mint condition and you can pick them up cheaper this way. You cover the bottom and top plate with calico to keep any glue off your press - and this saves alot of time. I will do a demo on one in a later post.


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