Monday, June 23, 2008

Greetings from Europe.

Hi everyone. I am currently in Europe with Greg and the girls on our annual fabric buying trip.

In the mad rush to get ready for this trip I neglected to do a post about sorry. It was a little crazy before we left. I have to admit that it´s nice to get away from wet and cold Sydney and have some time out with the family.

Our first stop is 4 days in Austria - currently we are in beautiful Salzburg - it is so picturesque. Then we are onto Vienna before leaving for Italy.

As soon as we settle down a bit with our family in Turin after our visits to the Italian mills - I will try to post some news and pictures about some of our great finds.



  1. Colette .- I am glad to know that you visit the "old continent". Hopefully you have time to visit "Barcelona", here is your home. I hope your photos of this wonderful journey. Greetings, Paco

  2. I would love to visit Barcelona too of these days... maybe next trip.

    Especially to grab some wonderful shoes!!!

  3. Hello Collette and Greg - thrilled you are having a fab time but even more thrilled that you are going to bring us home some beautiful fabrics. Got the bag packed and the credit card ready !!! Love to all xxxx


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