Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Latest Japanese cotton arrivals

Shinto Garden

The latest arrivals of our Japanese cottons are on the floor at all Tessuti stores and you can also view and purchase them on our great new online store.

Which by the way has been very well received. We really appreciated all the great comments and suggestions you had regarding the new Tessuti on-line fabric store ( so keep them coming! ) and there are still so many more fabrics waiting to be put up for you to see - more silks, linens, wools, knits, trims, buttons, sewing aids etc. It's a mammoth task and Ken from Jimmyweb Web Design has been doing a wonderful job.

Imazu Fan

1 comment:

  1. These fabrics are wonderful, well, you have very good prices. Here in Barcelona where there is a shop selling fabrics appear, but I believe that they are too expensive. Thanks for show. greetings, Paco



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