Saturday, August 16, 2008

And the winners are......

What a week!!! It all started off so well ...I was so excited about the great and very positive response to Sew Tessuti's first fabric giveaway. But... it didn't last very long after my youngest daughter Claudia had an accident riding her bike and broke her tibia in two places!!!

She has been so brave and coped unbelievably well with all the pain and discomfort of having a full leg cast, being confined to the couch/bed, trips back and forth to hospital and having to get used to crutches.

Now she's starting to heal and is feeling a whole lot better and enjoying all the attention showered on her by her big sis, family and friends.

Also she played an important role of drawing out the lucky five winners!!! Firstly I narrowed down the selection, based on your suggestions for these lovely fabrics and ribbon and she drew out the following:

Black Galaxy Spot Knit - Christina
Cue-tee Floral Cotton - Katherine H
Autumn Strokes Silk Crepe De Chine - Geri
Willow Viscose Georgette - Auspan
Grosgrain Ribbon - Claudia drew 2 at the same time so we thought both should recieve this lovely trim - SadieandLance and Mez Furness.

Email me please at with your details and I will post them to you next week.

Thankyou again to all, I was overwhelmed by the fantastic reponse. We will do it again some time soon.



  1. WooooHooooooo I cannot believe I've won, haven't won anything I think or I at least I can't remember! Thanks!
    I was thinking of making my own pattern and giving it to you so you can give it away again and had the full round!
    Sorry to hear about Claudias accident, my sister had similarly broken leg at her age and she fully recovered. I used to envy her for all the attention and chocolate she was getting...

  2. Thank you - thank you - thank you!! This is so generous of you.

    And I'm sending wishes for a speedy recovery to Claudia :)

  3. Sorry to hear about Claudia, sending good thoughts for a speedy recovery.

  4. Hey Claudia, i hope you heal very soon but in the meantime i suggest you allow yourself to be fussed over as much as possible :)

  5. Hi Claudia, I'm sure your mummy won't mind us using her blog for this message. So sorry that you fell off your bike and hope you are feeling better now. It must be a bit difficult getting used to those crutches. Keep your chin up darling - we'll all be cheering for a speedy mend.

  6. Sorry to hear about your daughter but glad she was able to participate in the great giveaway! Hope she is on the mend soon!!!

  7. I'm sorry to hear about the dramas in your family and wish Claudia a speedy recovery. I'm assuming that artistic talent runs in the family, and am waiting to see her cast embellishment!

    Thank-you so much for the fabric, you are very is my lucky week...I won the door prize at a fundraiser golf day on the weekend (certainly didn't win any prizes for my golf game!). I'll have to do a give-a-way of my own.

  8. Poor thing, I hope she recovers soon. I remember having a broken bone being the worst thing as a child!

  9. Hope your little darling is feeling better.


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