Friday, August 15, 2008

Fun fabric giveaway

Wow! What a fabulous response to this first fabric (& ribbon) giveaway and so nice to hear from some new readers of this blog. It isn't fair that only 5 get the spoils....but I promise to do this again more regularly.

I am off to draw out the lucky five and I'll let you know who they are in the next post along with some news about the crazy week we have just had!!!


  1. Yes it was very cool! Is it the willow fabric in the picture?

  2. Yes Geri, this is my 'Willow' crushed cardi. I love it so much. In fact I have a couple of these in different fabric like viscose georgette and silk double georgette.

    After it is made - I lightly dampen the garment with a water spray and then twist it and then roll it into a coil, wrapping elastic bands around it.I then leave it like that to dry (out of the sun). Then I unravel it to let the cardi to air dry through.

    Voila have a great crushed effect.

    The crushed effect drops out after washing I recrush it. I will post about it soon.

  3. is there any post on how to recrush ?


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