Friday, September 19, 2008

What do we mean by 'Australian Size 10'?

There have been some enquiries about what the standard Australian size 10 measurements are in the Little Black Dress category in this year's Tessuti Awards.

They do vary between countries and markets. Here in Australia, we have what is often referred to as the junior market (Cue, Sportsgirl, Wish etc) and the mature market (Sportscraft, David Lawrence etc)

The approx measurements are as follows :

Junior Market

Bust - 34 - 35"
Waist - 28.5"
Hips - 39.5"

Mature Market

Bust - 35.5 - 36"
Waist - 30"
Hips - 40"

This is a rough guide - they do not have to be made exactly to these measurements.

To us, the most important thing about this competition is that you have fun with your creation and enjoy a great night out with like-minded sewers and lovers of fashion.

Note: Just a reminder that the Australian size 10 requirement is only relevant to the Little Black Dress category. The Smart Daywear/Evening Category is open to all sizes.


  1. Hm, may I ask if the two categories refer to the online award too? I can imagine participating for fun and I like the little black dress category. Does it make sense to make it size 10, since it will be for me?
    Actually I am around size 10 I guess, but is more of a general question...

  2. Love how it's an 'Australian size 10' and it's in inches?

  3. Sorry Chloebrie, that's because of my earlier years in the ragtrade...still work in inches!!!!!

  4. So can I use either Junior or Senior market size 10 for the spots n strips comp?

  5. Hi Penny,

    Using this as a rough guideline, however use which ever (within these guidelines) corresponds with your model, who will wear the garment in the photos.


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