Thursday, September 25, 2008

SMH article (and a nice little plug!)

I was thrilled to read this article in Wednesday's edition of The Sydney Morning Herald.

Even if we didn't score a mention (but we did! See first and last paragraphs), I think there should be more articles like this. It sums up the satisfaction that is sewing - sure it's nice to buy a great piece of clothing but when you can actually make it yourself at half/third/quarter of the price, pour some time, attention, passion (and a few grey hairs?) into it, well, how satisfying is that? And how much richer are we for it if the craft is passed on by someone dear to us?

I've touched on this in an earlier post, but I grew up in a home where fashion and clothing and fabric was everywhere and everything. Days and nights and dreams were filled with the 'snip snip' of scissors on fabric, the whir of a sewing machine and endless measurements against tape measures. Buttons, pins, threads (forever pulling them off my clothing - still am), stashes, scraps. And here I am. Happily.

So go on, tell me what (who?) it was that ignited your flame for sewing.



  1. Love your blog. I've been sewing for only a couple of months now. I started making a few gorgeous dresses for my baby daughter, some cushions for the couch and am now attempting my first top for myself. I figured learning how to sew clothes that fit my post-baby figure would be easier than trying to find something that fits in the shops!

  2. Hi - I've been sewing all of my life - all thanks to my wonderful mother who sewed our school uniforms, pretty dresses and numerous dance costumes. She is still sewing and lovin it! I trained in the Hospitality industry, then did some work in Dietetics before finding my place as a Food and Textiles teacher - wow - I love textiles!!!! I am currently setting up a sewing school in my granny flat (in Newcastle) - I am so passionate about doing what I love and I feel that the market is right. I think that the younger generation will enjoy sewing when the formality of the school structure is removed - no folios, no assignments, no tests, no reports - just great products - that's my mission - wish me luck!

  3. Colette, I love your blog so much, I find it very inspiring and my fabric stash (from Tessuti) is growing! So many projects just waiting to be started! My Mum often talks about her days back in the 50's when her & a few girlfriends would get dolled up & go to see a film. She would then go home & start recreating what she had seen on the screen. All from scratch with no formal training! And everything was so very tailored back then! I think I have inherited a few of her genes although I am nowhere near that level yet. I did a bit of sewing for my boys when they were younger but now it's all for ME!!! My son Kane was the one holding the backdrop in the recent Vogue review! Keri..x

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  5. Great plug!

    My mother used to sew my sisters and I matching outfits at christmas time

    BUT I wasnt very interested in sewing infact I refused to do textiles and design at school (or home ec) as I decided I didnt want to be 'domesticated'

    I chose to do wood work instead, not a bad decision considering I was the only girl in the class it did have its advantages hahahaha

    the inspiration for me to learn to sew was my daughter

    I drooled over all the beautiful designer/boutique dresses but as a single mum living on a strict budget these items were just out of reach
    so I asked my mum to teach me how to sew...that was 18mths ago and I cant stop sewing....
    and im passing on the 'bug'
    My son enjoys picking out fabrics and telling me what to make him which is fun, but right now im relishing the opportunity to dress my lil girl in all those devine lil outfits I make :)before she gets old enough to demand the real designer duds

    sorry for the essay :(

  6. I have been learning to sew since my daughter was born 7 years ago and started with a book from the library and my husbands grandmothers machine.
    I have progressed from baby blankets and little pajamas to now making my own skirts, dresses and I am about to embark on that Simplicity blouse you reviewed.I no longer feel guilty about my stash after seeing the stashes on the blogs you have listed!

  7. Who ignited my love of sewing? Well, my mom got me started first and her way of doing things was just to sit me down at a sewing machine with two pieces of fabric and had me sew them together. I think I was 11 and she was tired of my constantly being at her elbow asking her how and why she was doing things. But the person who really made a difference in my sewing life was my sewing teacher in 11th grade, who allowed us to make anything we wanted and since my best friend was in 4H and was making a complete costume for the "Make it with wool" contest(dress and coat, all lined), I opted to make myself a jacket and skirt suit with self-covered buttons. She made me use hair canvas and pad stitch the entire front of the jacket. When I brought that home, my mom made me show her what I'd learned. Being able to make something that looked really good and fit well just made such a huge difference in my wanting to sew.

  8. For me it was my Mum, and her whole family. They were all creative by either sewing, craft or arts. I use to pull off the Barbie clothes and beg mum to sew some others! Can you imagine sewing those tiny clothes on an industrial sewing machine!!!! Also another memory was waking up on Christmas day, and having a frilly, pretty new party dress!
    Since then, I haven't stopped making and designing my own creations. It really has been a love ever since I saw the beautiful creations that mum made for me.

  9. My dressmaker grandmother babysat mewhise mum worked. I grew up around her old Bernina, listening to it whir away on outfits & beatiful wedding gowns made for everyone in our small country town. She taught me to sew from about 6 & read patterns at 10.She was a perfectionist & I still do things the way I was taught. I am now a mum of 2, and have that old Bernina (its 38!). I've made clothes, christening gowns, roman blinds, curtains, library bags, patchwork quilts, mended wetsuits....the list is endless! I love the satisfaction that comes from creating with fabric.I bought a new computerised machine this year as a big treat for using the old one for so long, but I find it easier to get back on the old girl & whir away!

  10. Hi love your blog! was just wondering if you could give some unbiased recommendations for a sewing machine / overlocker. I only ask because clearly you've got wonderful dressmaking skills, but you don't sell machines and thus don't have a vested interest in the matter. I've moved out of home and so can no longer make use of my mother's machines/scissors/pins/table... everything! For overlocking, I'm thinking about getting a bernina 700D. I'd love a bernina activa as a machine, but they start at $1,000, and I'd prefer to spend $500 or less.



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