Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tessuti Awards - on tonight!

Sophia: Ciao Jane. How are you?
Jayne: Great. Feeling great. And you?
Sophia: Fah-bulous darling. Fah-bulous. Did you know the Tessuti Awards were on tonight?
Jayne: I'd heard whispers. Isn't there a 'Little Black Dress' category?
Sophia: Si, there is. Shame about your dress. If it was black, you could enter it in too...


We're very excited 'round these parts. Stop by tomorrow for photos and announcements of the night including a complete list of winning entrants. And if you're joining us for the big event, we'll see you soon....



  1. come on, I want so see photos of last night!!

  2. I am so sad, I couldn't make it last night..........I was looking forward to it so much but family hiccups happened and it wasn't to be. I just can't wait to see what fabulous creations won this year & also see some pics of the night. I am sure you all had a great time. Keri L.x


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