Sunday, October 5, 2008

They're here!

Here are the Tessuti lads unloading the Italian shipment a few weeks ago. After months of waiting, waiting, waiting, we get ridiculously excited when the goods finally arrive. This year's stunning selection of fabrics have started to make their way into our stores. For those of you who can't come in to visit us in person, check out our online store as we've been adding (and will continue to add) more stock week by week.

Oh, and this photo below? I can tell you that Greg was definitiely not smiling approximately twenty rolls later....


  1. What an experience it must be to see bolts and bolts of fabric be delivered, all for you! (and your customers) Looks exciting!

  2. I have only just discovered your blog. Living in Brisbane, I always make a bee line for your Chatswood store when we come to Sydney to visit our daughters. Now that I know you have an on-line shop, I don't feel so deprived!

  3. Colette, I love your blog. I've only recently discovered sewing and find your blog really inspirational.

    Here's an idea you might liek to consider, either for your blog or the Tessuti website. I am constantly drooling over the fabrics, but I often don't know much about the types of fabrics that are available in the shop. For example, you have some beautiful knit silks, but I don't know much about this. What are the properties of knit silk? What would it be ideal for? Maybe you could occasionally do a little profile of a type of fabric for those of us who are new to the sewing world?

    Thanks for a great blog. You've taught me heaps already. I can't wait to visit the store in person when I visit Sydney in a few weeks.

  4. Come on, rip them open and give us a look.


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