Saturday, November 8, 2008

Albino - colourinable t-shirts.

With only 46 days to Christmas....aahhh....we here are starting to get working on gifts for loved ones.

Here is a really fabulous idea for crafty kids and for gift giving.

Check out this very clever and cool site Albino - colourinable t-shirts , for children aged 5 - 16 yrs, created by a husband and wife designer team.

Their online site is really cool with a huge selection of designs. My girls had fun choosing for their little cousins (aged 6 and 8) although it took a while finally deciding - they wanted them all. They settled on the Dart Frog and Owl Butterfly and the colour schemes suggested (you can also choose your own). Within no time they arrived ,beautifully packaged and presented , in the post all the way from Greece (of all places!!!) Including the t-shirts, fabric markers, practice booklet, and necessary instructions.

Worth mentioning too, is the quality of the t-shirts....fantastic.

The girls couldn't wait to get started on them and had lots of fun. Now they want one for themselves!!!

Don't they look great? We also repacked them back into their groovy little boxes ready to be giftwrapped for Xmas.

PS. I'll post them being modelled by their lucky cousins after the 25th December.



  1. really great! i ordered a set of textile markers too, but the t-shirt idea gives me a great opportunity to think what my niece and nephew will get for christmas!

  2. These are a really neat idea. Was going to get them for the kid cousins, but they are a leetle pricy, I think. For me right now, at least. Back to plan A (glow in the dark stars and magic crystal trees).

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  4. Too cute. I think there would be a fight between myself and the boys as to who gets to colour in!


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