Friday, November 7, 2008

Feature fabric of the week - Sofia .

Here are two reasons why I chose 'Sofia' for this week's feature fabric.

I spotted it made up in these new drapes in Matt and Meagan's sunroom last fabulous do they look?

plus in this extra cute dress for Stella (made by Grandma xxx)

Hope you all have a great and relaxing weekend.



  1. oh I love it!!!

    is that a red or an orange? hard to tell
    hoping its a nice bright red have a thing about orange hahaha


  2. Sarah-jo ,

    It's a sunny orange. The combination of Chocolate, Yellow and Orange is the best! This funky print reminds me of the great 70's Marimekko prints.

  3. its lovely I might have to head into a store though to confirm that in person ha! good excuse to go fabric shopping!


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