Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lauren's Silk Duppion Rosette Dress.

What a thrill it is to see the end result after our customers leave our stores with their purchased fabrics.

In Lauren's case, for an upcoming school formal she had seen a gorgeous dress in the stores. However the pricetag was outside her price range, even more so when made in 100% polyester.

The advantage of being a sewer, she realised that she could make it herself. And what a fabulous job she did! And isn't it fantastic to see someone so young sewing?
Lauren emailed me this gorgeous photo and wrote:

'Dear Colette,

Here is a photo of my formal dress as promised. I used the silk duppion in 'Flesh' and used McCall's Pattern M5095 for the bodice. I didn't use any pattern for the skirt but rather just used twice the width of the material ( 3 metres) and gathered it. I also created the rose by rolling and scrunching the material and just catching it into place.

I would like to thank you and your staff at the Chatswood store for helping me choose the material.'

Anytime Lauren and well done on a fabulous formal dress.



  1. it is very charming! so exciting to see young ladies sewing!

  2. What a wonderful dress. I love the rose at the center. Way better than what she would find in a store!

  3. How beautiful is that! She did a wonderful job - bet she had the best dress there :)

  4. That's very inspiring!
    I LOVE it!

  5. The huge flower totally makes the dress. Very fun and youthful. Great job Lauren!

  6. she looks so gorgeous i cnat believe she made it, it looks better than the store one, i saw another girl wearing the one from the store at another formal a couple of weeks ago but this one takes the cake, hands down!!!!

  7. How fabulous...dresses are so much fun. Lauren, you look gorgeous.

  8. Lauren is a very talented girl to make her own formal dress. I can only hope my grand daughter Ruby has the satisfaction and pleasure of making her own as I did for her mother. She is showing an interest in fabric and patterns already with my guidance and she's only 3 years old!

  9. Lauren's dress is fabulous and she looks amazing !! And of course can't help but agree with Lauren about those gorgeous girls at the Chatswood store....especially that blonde one !!!

  10. To all those that left comments
    Thank you so much for all your beautiful comments, I really appreciate them!



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