Monday, November 3, 2008

On-Line Tessuti Awards Competition results.

So sorry folks, for keeping you all in suspense. We are still on a bit of a high over here from Wednesday nights event.

Thankyou to everyone who took part in our very first On-line Tessuti Awards .

1st place and the $200 gift voucher goes to Lily from Armidale.

This clever young lady , who is 17 years old and absolutely "passionate about sewing and fashion" (sounds like our kind of girl) made this stunning silk creation in 100% silk duppion, lace appliqued tulle and fully lined in silk organza.

I chose this dress because, it's just perfect on her. It could be worn to a school formal or any special night..... infact, it's something I'd love to wear to this year's Melbourne Cup. It's so beautifully made with the bow at the front adding a simple and elegant touch.

2nd place and the $100 gift voucher goes to Katherine from Queensland.

Katherine from Blooms Fabric Obsession made up Tessuti's 'Green Rapture' in this enchanting strapless cocktail sundress with tulle underlay and ribbon belt. This wouldn't look out of place in the next Sex and the City movie!!! You can see her construction post here.

3rd place and the $50 gift voucher goes to Megan from Newcastle

Megan made up Tessuti's 'Indi Sushi' Japanese cotton print that she bought earlier in the year. She drafted her own pattern - this is what Megan had to say:

"My jacket pattern is one that I picked up at a pattern making class I did a couple of years ago, and have adapted to get a better fit/ changed style. I changed the sleeve for this jacket, and adapted the collar from Vogue 8284 (actually a Vogue Woman Collection one that Mum had). So in the end it’s a real bitsa!"

It's fabulous Megan.

Congratulations to our winners. Email me to let me know whether you would like to use your gift vouchers in store or on our on-line fabric store.


  1. Dear Lily

    Congratulations, I am a dresmaker who met you late on Wednesday evening when you were wearing another of your wonderful creations. You have a real talent and flair, keep on sewing and having fun.

  2. The designs pictured above are lovely, and I have been eyeing out that Green Rapture fabric for a while- looks stunning. Congratulations to the winners!

  3. P.S. thanks Colette for stopping by at my own blog! I love Tessuti fabrics!

  4. how exciting! Can you tell that I have a smile on my face as I am typing! Actually, I feel I have won many ways over with the Tessuti awards...they encouraged me to use my fabric and not just stash it, I learnt new construction techniques, I got to try out my new pattern making software...but much more than that...I have got to see all the fabulous entries as inspiration. I don't actually know anybody else who sews clothes, so I love reading about other people's creations. Thanks Tessuti for celebrating all things fabric and sewing. PS I would wear like to wear the Lily's entry to the Melbourne Cup myself...sadly, I am home doing housework instead...but I will turn on the telly and see how many Tessuti fabrics I can spot there!


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