Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pattern Review - Vogue 1027

Here is a ideal dress pattern suitable for knit fabrics. Emma opted for pattern Vogue 1027 to make up Tessuti's wonderful viscose jersey 'Fireworks'- which she had amongst her stash of fabrics!!! She was waiting for just the right pattern for this jersey, plus it was ideal for her to wear whilst in the early stages of her pregnancy. Note : this is not a maternity pattern, though the empire-line style and bias skirt make this a perfect dress to allow for a growing belly and is stylish too.

Also check out Christina's wonderful version of this dress.Take note of her suggestion for the tie band - Emma didn't have this problem as the wrong side of the jersey print wasn't as noticeably different to the right side.

The thing also to note is that when Emma bound the neck edges with a fold-over stretch binding, the back neck in particular, gaped considerably due to the fabric stretching - hence she put two darts at the back to fix the problem. Fortunately with this print you can hardly notice. Though to avoid this, best to stay tape or stay-stitch the edges. Or as Christina suggests make sure that your stretch fold-over binding is shorter than the neckline. I'd say try about two thirds shorter - have a practise run first to be sure - as it depends on the stretch in your binding tape.

Emma says this pattern is super easy to make and very comfortable to wear too.



  1. Very cute! I have this pattern in my stash. I am not a huge sewing fan of knits. Although, I love the look! I am notorious for getting the gaping neck factor--thanks for the suggestions, I do think they help! And I adore the fabric!

  2. How could you not feel amazing wearing that fabric? Love that print.

  3. Gorgeous dress! That fabric is incredible! Perfect for that design!

  4. She looks so beautiful in that dress! The fabric is just perfect. I think it would be a great pattern for all body shapes. Another great job by Emma.

  5. This pattern caught my eye since the first day I saw it! I LOVE this interpretation, the fabric is beautiful!

  6. Beautiful dress. The combination of the fabric and style is perfect.

  7. If you make a 2.5cm non fusible vilene frame that is the exact shape of neckline using the pattern pieces then sew it to neckline on the wrong side of fabric at approx 3-5mm sa - this will support any area that continues to stretch through handling - sew the bind to neckline then vilene is cut back to stitching line at about 3mm wide - this acts like a tape and will never strech or buckle.It works well for any bias cut area or v necklines - always use the best colour match to fabric ie white on lights and black on darks to avoid any shadowing - try it- it works everytime.


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