Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tafe NSW - Fashion Design Studio Parade 2008

Last month Greg and I attended the Fashion Design Studio's annual graduate parade held at the very hip Carriageworks in Redfern showcasing garments by talented students from Stage 1 through to ranges designed by the graduating Stage 3. It was awe inspiring!

Here are some highlights for you all to see.

Some of the ranges from Stage 3 -

Stage 2

Stage 1 - This is the level of work that the 1st year students reach after only a year!!!! They were asked to use only white/ivory fabric to start with, then dye and print their own designs using Dylon dyes and base it on a culture that depicts painted faces.

I thought the highlight was the amazing eveningwear dresses made out of industrial fabrics by Stage 3 students. Materials used were space blankets, rubber, latex, heavy duty mesh, metal, plastics etc. No silks of any kind to be found!!! Apparently they were were best seen up close, to marvel at the materials and the detailing.

Below is the winning garment by Soeli Pedrozo.

PS.A big thankyou to everyone who left me lovely birthday wishes in the last post, it really made my day.

PPS. I will be back to do more pattern reviews very soon....promise.



  1. Really incredible stuff there! What a great school that must be.

  2. oh wow I can't get over the 1st year students!!! wow they are just amazing to have only completed 1 year!


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