Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Crazy left- over fabric scrap bag

Left-over fabric scraps! We all have them. Here's a fun idea for your left-over scraps of light weight silks. Lindy wore this into Tessuti one Saturday and the whole store stopped and asked her about her fabulous bag.

It is made by a very clever lady who collects scraps from sari factories in India. She then knits them up with large knitting needles. She joins together fabric bits as she works along the bag (the pieces are no wider than 7cm), knotting the new fabric on to the last. She leaves the knot (with the two joining fabrics hanging) on the outer edge of the bag to create this, scrappy effect. Proceeds from bag sales goes towards the homeless in India. Fantastic.

The bag is knitted in one long rectangular piece and then the side seams are stitched together. The straps (there are two, plaited and joined together with a stitch here and there) measure 120cm in length.

Lindy says the fraying occurs with wear and this effect adds to its charm, don't you think? It's such a fun, statement accessory, and all for a great cause!

Cotton/Wool Bias A-line Skirt

I went to visit Mum at her workroom yesterday. Oh how I love using her wonderful large cutting tables whenever I can.

Whilst there, I noticed that she had made up our Feature Fabric Of The Week into these simple bias cut A-line skirts for her stores. We quite often pick out the same fabrics!!!

How lovely does it make up? I wanted to show the fabulous effect the print creates on this cotton/wool.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Measure Up Pin

Take a look at what I had to buy recently . How perfect is this 'Measure Up' brooch? It's now a great accessory on my handbag.

I found it at one of my many favourite stores in Surry Hills - Collect. This fabulous store is below Object Gallery. It is situated on Bourke Street ( at the old St. Margaret's Hospital site ) and very close to Taylor Square on Oxford Street.

So next time you visit Tessuti - Surry Hills make sure to take a look at this fabulous store and you must check out their fabulous exhibitions of emerging and existing Australian and overseas makers and designers.

This is the perfect store to get my mum her Mother's Day gift....ssshhh!


Feature Fabric Of The Week - Wool/ Cotton Check

This stunning Italian 55 % Cotton 45% Wool 'Bluegreen Winter' check has a lovely printed floral - which creates an almost seersucker effect with the fabric and is divine made up in a skirt or dress.

It is available at all Tessuti stores.

Pattern Review Vogue 8251

Introducing Raewin who has been a long time Tessuti customer and is a very talented sewer - regularly attending classes at Sit'n'Sew to fine tune her skills.

Here she is in a great top made up in Tessuti's 100% Polyester Stretch Knit 'Misti Marle' - it has a Missoni knit look about it and makes up beautifully. Raewin actually wore this top about a month ago - before the heavy rains and sudden cold snap in Sydney!!!

Raewin used Vogue Pattern 8251 - view C

Raewin found it easy to make and enjoyed the challenge of the twisted band at the back. It looks great .... the front tuck detail , flattering neckline and the lovely cap sleeve created from the twisted band are lovely. To see another review on this pattern ( there aren't many ) you can see Erica's post about it here.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Old friends ... new ventures

Here I am with friends Penelope Leonard ( left ) and Katrina Skinner whom I met when I was studying fashion design at East Sydney ... many moons ago!!!

We have kept in touch off and on over the years and just recently we have been seeing a bit of each other working on a new and wonderful joint project that will incorporate Tessuti and our customers. Over the next few months Penny and Katrina will unveil some fantastic news for Sydney's fashion industry.

I can't tell you the details just yet but I will have news very soon. Sorry to keep you in suspense but I promise that it will be worth the wait.


Tessuti in Home Beautiful - April 2008

In the April 08 issue of Home Beautiful you will find this great image of Tessuti's 100% Cotton Embroidered Rose in Black on page 32.

It looks great - here they are suggesting to use this lovely dress fabric for soft furnishings. Which proves that Tessuti's fabrics are also ideal for cushions, wall hangings , screens , etc .

This fabric also comes in Cream with Black embroidered rose .... it's also lovely.

Monday, April 21, 2008

More Tulip Pleat skirt on Burdastyle

Lupinbunny alerted us that you can get a similar pattern as the Burda Tulip pleated skirt I posted about yesterday on Burdastyle....and you can download it for free!!! You can also check out other creations of this pattern.

Check out the Marie skirt on Burdastyle here.

Thanks Lupinbunny ;-)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Burda World Of Fashion- Tulip Pleat Skirt

Salwa made one of Tessuti's more popular cotton striped fabrics into this fabulous pleat style skirt . This is 100% Cotton Navy 'Dapper Chap'- this cotton is almost like a seer sucker but with a thicker and more defined stripe. It's a fabulous base cloth and has been used in pants, jackets and dresses.

The pattern Salwa used is from a vintage Burda Magazine Feb 1989. But it is very similar to skirt pattern 116 found in BWOF Magazine 09/2007



Salwa has been sewing up a storm since her daughter Nancy started working at Tessuti Fabrics Chatswood. Nancy left a couple of years ago - to follow her dream but Salwa has stayed and become a regular customer at all our stores and makes some wonderful creations. I will be sure to feature more of her wares.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Feature Fabric Of The Week - Digitally Printed Wool

If you like anything from the 1920s....Have a look at this very Art Nouveau style printed Italian 100% Wool - 'Branded Beauty'.

The detail in this print is incredible and almost too good to cut up - I would hang it on a wall like a piece of art.

This wonderful fabric can only be found at Tessuti Chatswood and Surry Hills.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Luscious Kangaroo Valley

Well... I'm back .I have just had a blissful and very much needed break away with Gabriella and Claudia along with my wonderful friend Lisa and her three fantastic girls - unfortunately the boys had to stay and work - but I'm sure they enjoyed some peace and quiet too !!!

We were very fortunate to spend 4 glorious days at Lisa's brothers wonderful home nestled up high amongst beautiful lush surroundings and from every room in the house you could enjoy the most spectacular views over Kangaroo was truly magical.

And these little monkeys had a blast together hanging out , exploring , playing games , watching movies and toasting marshmallows on the fire .... not a bad way to spend your school holidays!!!

Here is a wonderful photo Gabriella captured - this lovely sunset on the way back from a visit to Berry.

PS A huge kiss and thankyou to my wonderful friend Lisa for suggesting this fabulous trip away. X


And of course -I have to admit that I did miss this blog and all the lovely blogs I follow . I'm all fired up and looking forward to sharing more wonderful news from Tessuti with you.

so stay tuned.....

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thanks for the Excellent Award.

A big thankyou to Christina and Alethia for nominating Sew Tessuti for an Excellent Blog award.

I'm incredibly flattered that those who have inspired me to do this are enjoying my blog as much as I enjoy putting it together. You all know that I love what I do but my satisfaction levels increase a thousand-fold knowing that when I source these wonderful fabrics each season, my customers will appreciate and be inspired to spend their valuable time sewing and learning new dressmaking skills. The truly excellent ones are our Tessuti customers who - time and time again - produce such extraordinary garments, expressions of themselves, from which we are all inspired by.

I now have to nominate 10 other blogs that I love and there are so many that I need to do this when I'm not so tired. In fact, this blog has filled my mind so much so that last night I dreamt The Satorialist came into our Tessuti store!!!!! HA HA! I'm going to ponder this for a bit and get back to you later in the week with my nominations.


PS Whilst the girls are on school hols, I'm having a short blog break for a couple of days. We're very much looking forward to hanging out with a great friend and her girls in beautiful Kangaroo Valley. I'm thinking long walks, open fires, hot chocolates, warm scarfs, knitting, sleeping, sleeping in...

Got to love a bit of sparkle!

Tonight the girls and I watched 'So You Think You Can Dance' ... we love to see what fabulous outfits the shows wardrobe department has done with the fabrics they have bought from us.

And after seeing Bonny and Natalie in their lovely dresses on tonights episode... it made me think about this gorgeous diamante/beaded trim that I have wanted to show you.

You will only find this at Tessuti Surry Hills.

Isn't it divine? It is 7cm wide( widest point) and 5cm ( narrow point ). This is great used under the bust or along the back of a dress - ideal for bridal and formalwear.

Friday, April 11, 2008

New Silk Duppions arrived @ Tessuti Chatswood

Just arrived at Tessuti Chatswood are 25 new colours in 140cm wide 100% Silk Duppion - this fabulous power-loomed silk is ideal for bridesmaids and any formalwear.

If you can't find the colour you are after at Tessuti - ask to see our silk books - where we can show you all colours available in our silk ranges such as duppions, satins, georgette, chiffon, habutai, taffetas, duchess, crepe de chine, raw silk, satin stretch etc.... we are happy to order it in for you.

To see this fabulous silk duppion made up - take a look at these great images courtesy of some of the dressmakers we recommend at Tessuti.

Emma Laue

Lawrence Geor

Swish Designs

Bernadette Doherty

More of Vogue Pattern 8196.

Ok ok.....I know that I have already posted about this great Vogue pattern 8196 ....but Georgia surprised me today by popping into Tessuti Surry Hills with another version of it made up in Tessuti's Japanese 100% cotton 'Cherry Red Spot' in view A.

I wanted to show this great blouse again... where the pattern was totally unaltered. Georgia also mentioned today that the only reason she altered the band in the blouse I posted about yesterday ...
was because the embroidery anglaise trim she used was wider than the pattern piece for the band - which meant the blouse sat better with the band placed higher - just under the bust.

This is a perfect puff sleeve

What a lovely detail - the band on the blouse and sleeve cuffs are piped with red ric-rac from Tessuti's trim range and the roule loops are made by cross-stitching thread by hand ( I will have to do a tutorial on this ) for the sweet 12mm red shirt buttons.

This blouse reminds me of a great BWOF blouse made by Christina from Assorted Notions.

These yummy red patent leather wedges are from Zomp Shoez.

Finally ...I had a lovely brunch and chat with Georgia today at one of my favourite cafe haunts in Surry Hills - Single Origin. Georgia ....I thoroughly enjoy our talks about sewing/fabric/clothing/shopping and thankyou so much for always being a very obliging model for me - especially in the alley ways of Surry Hills.

If only I could take those incredible shots like The Satorialist!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pattern Review - Vogue 8196 ...and a little bit of Vogue 2912

When Georgia walked into Tessuti wearing this beautiful blouse....there were lots of admiring gasps from staff and customers alike.... Isn't this one pretty blouse?

Everything about it is perfect! Great choice of Vogue pattern 8196 paired with Tessuti's lovely 2-tone 100% cotton embroidery anglaise in 'Blush/ Latte'. This divine fabric also comes with a matching trim in the same colour and is 12cm wide - that Georgia used for the trim around the bodice - like in View B.

This light weight cotton is embroidered all over but is more of a border design - where the heavier embroidery is along one side of the selvedge. Cleverly Georgia cut out the gathered ruffle along this part of the fabric....which makes for a lovely effect....and no hemming necessary!!!

The pattern was slightly altered as Georgia felt that the waistband needed to sit a little higher - to finish just under the bust.

The sleeves on this blouse are part Vogue 8196 ( the puffiness on the sleeve head ) and part Vogue 2912 - sleeve from view B ( the bottom half of sleeve ).

This sleeve has a seam opening - which is perfect - as Georgia added a cuff to the sleeve ( using part of the embroidered trim ). Also a bit more ease was added to the bottom of the sleeve - then gathered onto the sweet cuff then finished off with a roule loop and tiny glass button...sorry I forgot to photograph this detail!!

Here is a great image of the great job Georgia has done with the roule loops down the front of this blouse and she chose these perfect pink glass buttons from Tessuti's button range.

This lovely fabric and trim also comes in :

'Wedgewood Silver/Cream'

'Watermelon/Red '

You will see alot more of this look ... for the upcoming Spring/Summer '08/09.
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