Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fabric feature of the week - Gabriel's Secret

I'm getting very excited about Spring being just around the corner! It has been the coldest winter I can remember....and frankly I think we are all over it. So to help bring on a bit of Spring fever I feel that this week's feature fabric of the week should be Gabriel's Secret - 100% Silk Crinkle Georgette. I love the colour combination in this stunning print - makes me feel all warm and happy.


Retro Vincent Cotton /Elastane.

Tessuti's retro 'Vincent' - Cotton /Elastane is now up on our on-line fabric shop. You may remember our earlier post showing the sundress Georgia made with this fabric.

Ken has been very busy uploading new fabrics on a daily basis and also working on adding haberdashery, trims etc. I just wanted to let him know that I think his images of our fabrics are captured beautifully.


Ombre - 100% Silk Chiffon

Back in stock again at Tessuti Surry Hills is the stunning 100% silk chiffon ombre in 'Truffle'. Here it is made up in these stunning bridesmaids dresses at Holly Brisley's wedding -image- made by the talented designer duo of J'aton Couture in Melbourne - who create the most exquisite gowns.

Versace (above - courtesy used this stunning fabric in this effect a couple of seasons ago and we've been loving it ever since.

Images above of ombre dress made for mother-of-the-bride by Lawrence Geor.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Pattern Review - McCalls 5273

Here is another review on a pant pattern but this time a different silhouette. Meet Jilly - here she is wearing her fab new skinny leg pants - made using pattern McCalls 5273 - View B .
Jilly actually fell in love with Tessuti's Cotton/Polyamide/Metal/Elastane 'Wasson Grey' when it arrived in the store and knew that it needed to be made up into this style. They turned out so well, don't you think? And I really love the edgy iridescent look to this fabric.

Were there any alterations to the pattern? Of course there were! You would definitely need to alter a pattern, such as this one ,to get the fit just right for your shape.

Jilly cut out the size 10 - it was perfect on her hips (37")and high hip (32.5") but took in the side leg quite a bit , as she wanted them very slim. Jilly also lowered the crotch point (at the inside leg) at front and back by 1-1.5cm to add more length to the overall depth to the seat of the pants.

Jilly actually has very long legs but the finished length of this pant pattern (125cm) were super long - she shortened them by 10cm - she still wanted them to sit slightly bunched up at the hem (like in the image above - from Alexander Wang's collection - Fall 2008).

Well, overall I think these pants were well worth the fiddle, because they look fabulous!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fabric feature of the week - Organic Cotton Knit.

New to our Tessuti Fabrics On-line Fabric store and Tessuti - Surry Hills is 100% Organic Cotton Knit Jersey in Hollywood, Dijon, White and Black.

*Why is organic cotton so good?

- The fabric lasts longer
- The fabric is more absorbent
- No bleaching or Harsh chemical have been used AT ALL.

The conventional cultivation of cotton leads to massive environmental and health problems. Around the world, more toxic insecticides are used on cotton than on any other crop. A sustainable alternative is the certified organic cultivation.

So serious are the negative impacts of chemical-intensive agricultural production, that momentum for change has grown considerably in recent years. The trend toward more environmentally friendly production methods is supported by a variety of interests including farmers wanting to escape the chemical treadmill, enlightened companies under pressure of increased environmental regulation and competition, and informed consumers calling for greater social and environmental accountability.

Organic cotton is produced in organic agricultural systems that produce food and fibre according to clearly established standards. Organic agriculture prohibits the use of toxic and persistent chemical pesticides and fertilizers, as well as genetically modified organisms. It seeks to build biologically diverse agricultural systems, replenish and maintain soil fertility, and promote a healthy environment.

Note: * Information sourced from here.

Arriving soon ( next week ) to Tessuti is 100% Organic Cotton Denim and I will let you know of the latest organic cottons arriving for this Spring/Summer over the coming weeks.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pattern Review - Vogue 7354

Last night Donna kindly sent me an image of this great bag she made up using Vogue pattern 7354. Very nifty for carrying one's essentials on a night out and chic too!

Donna says: "This bag is made from an embroidered cotton from Tessuti.The lining is silk - white with a black print of leaves. It is a lovely evening bag. It looks small but can hold quite a bit as it is cut on the bias.

The bag wasn't difficult to make but I didn't follow the instructions as they included a lot of clumsy hand sewing. I made it all by machine as if I was making a lined camisole. I will try to describe my method - I sewed the handle ends of the fabric and lining first. I then sewed lining and fabric together at handle sides and pulled the handles through. The rest I sewed by pushing and pulling things inside out leaving a very small gap in the lining. I closed the gap by machine. These last stitches are visible but hidden inside the bag."

Notice the gorgeous natural linen version found on this great blog - mother and daughter team in Germany.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kelly Rowland on Project Runway Australia!

I watched the latest episode of Project Runway Australia last night. I had missed last weeks show due to our little emergency at home. It was a great show and lovely to see Kelly Rowland making a special appearance. She is so gorgeous, isn't she? I agree that Julie's interesting detailed circle-design dress made especially for Kelly to wear on stage was amazing and a deserving winner.

Here is Miss Rowland wearing a gorgeous Ellery top made from Tessuti's 'Matt Gold' sequinned silk georgette from an issue of Sunday - Telegraph Magazine (July 20th).

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pattern Review - Vogue 2946

Our youngest staff member Jackie (who turned 20 yesterday ....many happy returns xxx) made up this fabulous top using the very sophisticated Oscar De La Renta Vogue 2946 pattern - View A.

The only changes made were eliminating the pleat detail at the back. The neckline is quite low - so something to consider checking if making this up.This is probably due to the fact that Jackie cut out a size 10 - I feel she could have made up the size 8 - but it still works worn like this over a fitted top and looks fantastic in Tessuti's 100% Linen Pinstripe in 'String/Silver lurex stripe' - the lurex is very subtle and runs along the edge of the cream stripe. You can see it and the overlocked edging on the frill if you click on the image below to get a closer look.

* Background fabric is 100% Cotton 'Crazy Olive'.

This Vogue top pattern is definitely worth a try.

NOTE: Worth a mention is that Jackie wore a long line cardi over this and the effect was lovely with the frills falling down the front.Also the linen used in this top is a medium weight and has a softer handle to it ( less crushy ). Linen blends with silk, cotton or viscose would work well too.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

And the winners are......

What a week!!! It all started off so well ...I was so excited about the great and very positive response to Sew Tessuti's first fabric giveaway. But... it didn't last very long after my youngest daughter Claudia had an accident riding her bike and broke her tibia in two places!!!

She has been so brave and coped unbelievably well with all the pain and discomfort of having a full leg cast, being confined to the couch/bed, trips back and forth to hospital and having to get used to crutches.

Now she's starting to heal and is feeling a whole lot better and enjoying all the attention showered on her by her big sis, family and friends.

Also she played an important role of drawing out the lucky five winners!!! Firstly I narrowed down the selection, based on your suggestions for these lovely fabrics and ribbon and she drew out the following:

Black Galaxy Spot Knit - Christina
Cue-tee Floral Cotton - Katherine H
Autumn Strokes Silk Crepe De Chine - Geri
Willow Viscose Georgette - Auspan
Grosgrain Ribbon - Claudia drew 2 at the same time so we thought both should recieve this lovely trim - SadieandLance and Mez Furness.

Email me please at with your details and I will post them to you next week.

Thankyou again to all, I was overwhelmed by the fantastic reponse. We will do it again some time soon.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Fun fabric giveaway

Wow! What a fabulous response to this first fabric (& ribbon) giveaway and so nice to hear from some new readers of this blog. It isn't fair that only 5 get the spoils....but I promise to do this again more regularly.

I am off to draw out the lucky five and I'll let you know who they are in the next post along with some news about the crazy week we have just had!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's time to give(away) something back...

Sorry about yesterday's no-post - I had a bit of trouble uploading the photos. So, as promised (and about time too, don't you think!?), here's a long-overdue giveaway. Well, five actually. All you have to do is leave a comment and let me know which of the following fabrics (or ribbon) you'd like and what you might make with it. And if you do score, we'd love to feature your creation in a future post. Let me stress that this is by no means a condition of entry, so please don't let this put you off entering! We just love to see what you lovely folk do with our fabrics and notions. If you hadn't got that already...

So, here are the available spoils and their meterage:

'Black Galaxy Spot' (Cotton/Elastane Knit) - 1.5m x 160cm wide

'Cue-tee Floral' (100% Japanese Cotton) - 1.7m x 110cm wide

'Autumn Strokes' (100% Silk Crepe De Chine) - 2.7m x 113cm wide

'Willow' (100% Viscose Georgette) - 1.5m x 130cm wide

And if the fabric ain't doing it for you, I've also got 3 metres of this wonderful grosgrain trim to give to one lucky reader. You have to tell me which colour you'd like (Rouge, Navy or Taupe) and, again, what could/would you do with it?

Enter one, enter all. Giveaway closes midnight Thurs AEST and is open to everyone - local and international. Thinking caps on. Good luck. Now go!


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Online Fabric Shop - Version Two

We've had a fantastic response to the Tessuti Online Fabric Shop, we’re now pleased to announce a few improvements to the website.

From our web designer, Ken...

...Apart from making some minor visual design tweaks, we've also added the ability to narrow down the search for fabrics by the use of "Tags". As the amount of fabrics grow this will make it much easier to find a particular fabric type or quality.

The feedback from Tessuti's customers has been great and we've taken it all into consideration when creating the latest version of the online shop. Dropping the unit pricing from one metre to a quarter metre. Removing the confusion of prices being in US dollars (all prices are now in Australian dollars). The ability to add more than two photos per fabric.

The reaction from Tessuti's customers in such a short time has been greater than even we expected, which I'm sure is more a reflection of the quality of the fabric and the Tessuti brand. I look forward to seeing the response to the new Tessuti Online Shop.

Thanks to Ken, for all his wonderful effort! We'd love everyone to check it out and let us know what you think.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Pattern Review - McCalls 4972

As promised yesterday, here are some images of Georgia's stunning new jacket. The fabric is our very pretty 100% cotton velvet with embroidered detail - 'Parisian Fair'. A special touch is added with the striped grosgrain trim in 'Rouge'.

The pattern used is an old favourite - McCalls 4972 view D. Georgia omitted the patch pockets and instead added a sweet detail of the mock bow-front belt detail, stitched at the front and around the waistline of the jacket. It is such a lovely touch and adds a nice contrast to the subtle embroidery of the fabric design. I would never have thought that this velvet and the trim could marry up so well together, but there you have it. The genius of Georgia. And, of course, teamed with the 'Rouge' silk satin peasant, the look is complete.

PS. Please come back for a visit tomorrow. I feel it's high time I had some giveaways for you lovely people out there, who absolutely make my day by visiting this blog and leaving your lovely comments.

I'm now off to watch the Beijing opening ceremony... Goodnight x

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pattern Review - McCalls 5050

Just before I left for our trip, Georgia and I got together for a coffee and catch up in Paddington. Georgia kindly wore her lovely silk satin peasant top and a new jacket that she had just finished making. She looked stunning (I will post about the jacket tomorrow - I need to get to bed early tonight!!!).

Georgia made up view B in the McCalls 5050 pattern. The only change was eliminating the waistline elastic casing and making the drawstring tie out of the self fabric - Tessuti's 100% silk satin crepe in 'Rouge' - instead of using bought ribbon. She cut out size 10 (her usual size) and made it up in no time.

found working with the silk satin a dream. The great thing about this fabric is that you can use it on either the matte side or, at it's best, on the satin side. It's washable too. It's best to hand wash this glorious fabric in a silk wash (Tessuti stocks 'Sericus silk wash') and always dry it indoors - silk streaks in the sun. I find that this particular silk gains a slightly heavier handle after being washed but you can loose a little of the satin finish - wash test with a sample before to see if you like this look and to check for colour fastness.

Note: This is only recommended to sewers who can prewash their fabric before cutting out. With store bought silk garments, ALWAYS follow the care instructions. I found a great link with handy tips for washing silks. I'd also like to hear from anyone with their tried-and-true tips for looking after beautiful silk garments. Do you think a future post about different weights of silk would be a good idea?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pattern Review - Vogue 2981

This is our very first trouser pattern review!!! I live in trousers - any style really - but have two pattern styles I love and use them over and over again - for both summer and winter. If you like your pants wide legged and relaxed, I think this is one to try.

Here is Alex wearing pants she made up in Tessuti's 100% Wool Check - the pattern used here is Vogue 2981 from the alice + olivia pant range.

If you notice the alice + olivia pants on shopstyle - they are slightly more fitted at the high-hip and crotch. Alex had wanted a more looser, lower fit on her pants so made them slightly bigger. In order to get your desired fit, make a calico of these before cutting into your fabric. I guarantee that you will use this pattern again and again.

Below is an idea of what these could look like in a summer version.
(courtesy: shopstyle )

PS. Last night I finally watched the latest episode of Project Runway. I really enjoyed it and look forward to next weeks show. Henry Roth used a great phrase on the show, when talking about the all important fit on the crotch of pants - I will now refer to it as 'crotch watch' too!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Homegrown talent.... 'A Book Like This'

A friend kindly sent me this great cd last week - thinking I might like it. I am absolutely loving it - it's been playing all weekend.

Some of you may already know about this album but if you don't you should.

Have you heard of this Australian band called Angus and Julia Stone? They are a brother and sister duo from Newport in Sydney's Northern Beaches. This fabulous album called ' A Book Like This' is their second album after their first 'Chocolates and Cigarettes'. If you like folksy/acoustic sound then get this album. I really love Angus' voice ( not bad to look at either! ) and Julia ( also lovely )has an twangy sound that's growing on me plus she plays the trumpet and harmonica.

Check them out on Youtube - where you can hear some of their beautiful tracks like Just a Boy and Wasted from this CD.

Just a Boy


Hope you like it too.

Next week I'll get back to showing you some pattern reviews and another summer fabric sneak peek post.... plus a give away or two!!!

Have a great week everyone.


Royal Cobalt flannel wool

Remember Janette a few posts ago? Here she is again in our Chatswood store, while I was away, in another lovely creation made by Lilyn Dressmaking out of Tessuti's Wool/Polyamide/Cashmere Flannel. Fortunately Kate working that day had her camera handy. Thankyou Kate!

Janette loves clear vivid colours and was really thrilled to find this great wool available in her favourite jewel shades. She looks gorgeous in this deep cobalt blue - I really like the simplicity of this coat and the concealed button closure. It's all about the colour and looks very chic.

Here is a closer image of the contrast lining Janette chose - 100% viscose satin 'Mosaic Print' .

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