Friday, January 9, 2009

Quick Buttonhole Service in Alexandria

Meet Mick from Quick Buttonhole Service. He's been providing a buttonhole and stud service to the ragtrade and public for the past 30 years.

* Keyhole Buttonholes
* Normal/Plain Buttonholes
* Studs
* Jean Studs
* Eyelets
* Rivets
* Bar-tacking on Jeans

I went to visit him just before Christmas as I needed 35 jumbo silver eyelets for a school production backdrop. I dropped it off first thing in the morning and it was ready that afternoon....fantastic service!

Be sure to take in your correct coloured thread buttonholes, just in case Mick doesn't have your exact colour in stock.

Industrial Keyhole Machine

Industrial Stud Machine

Industrial Bar-tacking Machine

Quick Buttonhole Service is now at it's new location at 22 Botany Road Alexandria. For years he was situated in Mary Street, Surry Hills.

Trading hours are MON - FRI 8am to 4.30pm. Phone: 02 96992050


  1. I have been using Mick's Quick Buttonhole Service for my keyhole buttonholes on my jackets for at least 8 years and he always has the colours to match, does a fantastic job and they are ready so quickly. I'd be lost without him.

  2. Ahh, the Quick Buttonhole Service. Mick is an absolute gem, there are quite a few Uni students who owe a great deal to him for his beautiful button holes, always perfectly finished.I once had some keyholes put into a yoke made of spun then woven chinchilla and I was so pleased with the result. A wonderful service!

  3. I sewed professionally over 20 years ago and always used a local tailor to do my buttton holes on jackets etc.There were one or two experts in Melbourne who did this.Does any one know of a similar service such as Micks in Melbourne?


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