Monday, February 2, 2009

Damn computers.....I hate them!!!!!!

I'm still here readers, I've just been having more troubles with my home computer. The girls spent some time on it over the school holidays and we received some very nasty bugs, that sent my harddrive to the scrapyard for good - just as they started back at school last week and I was eager and catch up on my backlog of posts.

I'm borrowing a friends laptop while we decide whether to convert from PC to MAC. In the meantime get ready for my backlog.....


  1. we've missed you and your posts! I have been meaning to email and say that i am delighted with the knits I just received from Tessuti...I only wish it would stop raining long enough for me to pre-wash them! Looking forward to your backlog...

  2. Hi Collette, I sympathise with you. I had similar problems over the school hols...Everyone I spoke with recommended switching to a mac as you practically wipe out viruses etc...I still haven't made the change as I managed to save my computer but if I had to buy again I would certainly go with the mac. Also my boys tell me they are so much better for photos and any art based work... best of luck..Keri

  3. I switched to Macs five years ago and have never looked back. They just work! I guess we'll just have to wait patiently for you in the meantime...

  4. Macs have ALWAYS been better, and always will be. MAKE THE CHANGE, you'll never look back. Plus, they look so much better!


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