Sunday, March 22, 2009

Costumes on S Y T Y C D

Talented costume designer Janet Hine and the wardrobe department on this seasons 'So You Think You Can Dance' have made some fabulously hot outfits for the show. My personal fave was this peacock number on last Monday's result show - to this other favourite track by Gotan Project - Mi Confesion. You can't see in these pictures - (courtesy the SYTYCD site) the girls bustles were made in our lovely 'Fantail Black' pleated tulle...Oh la la!

Here below are some more costumes in Tessuti fabrics from last Sunday night's show.


  1. The costumes are one of the highlights of the show for me - awesome to know they're Tessuti fabrics!

  2. Amazing photos - those dancers are awesome! What a talented designer!

  3. Wow! I'm amazed! The 2 worlds that I love the most - dancing and sewing,are together in one show!

  4. I have my whole family watching this show each really showcases some fabulous choreography and incredible costume design...I would love to hear some of the costume designers interviewed. The csotumes are spot on every dance and their use of colour is beautiful.

  5. I love all the costumes on the show! Would anyone know how to get in touch with the wardrobe department? I would love to get work experience with them!


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