Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Melbourne - some final pics...

Ah yes, another post about Tessuti Melbourne (I promise, normal blogging will resume shortly). Just wanted to show you some more shots which give a far greater impression of the magnificent space we now occupy in Melbourne. Customer response has been fantastic and we've met some great fabric-loving folk. To celebrate the opening of our newest shop, we're offering a $100 gift voucher to one lucky reader/customer/comment-er, to be redeemed in our Melbourne store ONLY. All you need to do is leave a comment offering your suggestions of what you like to see in a fabric store. Comments will be received until 5pm AEST on Friday 8th May and winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

Good luck!



  1. What I like to see in a fabric store is staff who like their jobs, who surprise surprise, like fabric and have a reasonable product knowlege and are willing to be polite and offer assistance, or be available- be more interested in the customers than their fellow staff mates latest boyfriend dramas! Their is NOTHING like good customer service to recommend a store to me, and bad customer service to lose my custom. In fabric store I like abit of clarity and order, great fabric- good quality, good variety and I hate bolts all jumbled up together so you can't see the fabric properly. Long comment- hope that's helpful (hope I win the voucher too!)

  2. yep that is deifinitely important

  3. I like a good range of basic notions that are always in stock (how many times have we been to a store for that all important item and they have run out?).I like to see friendly helpful staff. I also like to see good quality fabric, arranged in some sort of order so you can see (and appreciate) what you're looking at.

  4. Congrats on the new Melbourne store. I hope to visit soon so if you know of any good car parking spots near by please tell. Public transport isn't an option from where I live.

    I like fabric stores that feel more like a high end designer boutique than a fabric store with lots of samples made up for inspiration. I also like the fabric to be well organised in very well lit store. Natural light is important.

  5. I think that for me, friendly and helpful staff are the most important thing! It makes such a difference to the entire sewing/crafting experience. Natural light is also a big plus, as well as clear signage of the fabrics for novices like myself. :)

  6. Staff that know their stuff (I can't believe how often in a specialist fabric store (not a cheap chain) the assistant hasno idea what I'm on about - and I'm only a beginnner!)

    Also good buttons and notions. So often a store will have decent fabric then... this really bog-standard selection of buttons to choose from.

    Oh, and the Pony brand kits for self-covered buttons. Too many places are stocking some other cheaper brand in a pink packet and they DO NOT WORK! (evidently the staff haven't tried them. See point 1 above).

  7. Hmm, apart from great fabric I like to see great knowlegable staff that if they don't know are willing to find out for you, a good range of 'basics' as well as the fancy fabrics, notions that match the quality of the fabrics sold, when it comes to patterns, particularly boutique stuff I like to see examples of them sewn up, but most importantly I want to see clear tagging on the fabric so that it is quick and easy to see composition, weight, care instructions etc.
    Congrats on the store, I was planning to visit today on my lunch break (only work 1 day a week) but alas I am home with sick kidlets, will have to make it next week instead.

  8. I think, like others, I enjoy visiting a fabric store where the staff are enthusiastic about sewing and the products that they stock. And are keen to give you advice to help with any projects you're sewing.

    I also enjoy visiting fabric stores where there is a range of good quality basic fabrics available in a range of colours.

    And, although not necessary to keep me happy, I love it when there's a good range of lingerie elastics and notions... They're very hard to find in Melbourne.

    Can't wait to visit your store - makes me wish I worked closer to the city so I could visit during my lunch break!

  9. Hi! I live 2 hours away from Melbourne but absolutely I will pop up soon in your shop.

    You know high quality products bring customers from different corners of the world. Just like some of us will come into your shop and some will shop over internet.

    So, I want to see in your shop simply the fabrics with top quality and outstanding designs.

    For me, the product ranges are the main. Professional staff is an important plus. Comfortable shopping atmosphere is another big plus.

  10. Congratulations - it is so great to see a quality fabric store expanding!
    I love a fabric store that has an obvious passion for their products, is happy to provide as much advice as you need and has the basics in stock all year round which are punctuated with huge splashes of inspiration with each new season.

  11. Ohh, can't wait to come in and see your lovely store!

    What I'd love most in a fabric store are friendly staff! I won't name names but it must be a stressful business because _many_ of the staff at my local fabric shop are total grumps and it makes the whole business a bit of a downer.

    And, a tidy store with a nice range fabrics would be next on my wish list.

  12. Wow the store looks fabulous. I was hoping to come on the opening day, but my mum had a farming accident so we went to visit her in Shepparton instead! She is O.K. It was her birthday as well.
    Things I like in a fabric store are, all the above and also easy to read labels.
    It would be great to have a category listing or labeling system like the online store so you can find all the cottons, linens or medium weight fabrics ect at a glance. That way if you are looking for something in particular it is easier to find!

  13. Layout of store is important to be able to clearly see fabrics. Perhaps displayed on floor stands spread through out floor space rather than on top of each other on a table or wall.
    Time is something alot of people are short of ...myself included, so to be able to clearly see what fabrics are available is beneficial.

  14. I like to see lots of interesting fabrics that I can't find anywhere else, especially kids stuff. I also like knowledgable staff to help me out when i feel clueless, and somewhere that I can park my pram while I browse! (the good news is that I think your Melbourne store has plenty of room for the pram, it is lovely and spacious and I had a great first visit on saturday!)


  15. Congratulations on the store - I can't wait to come and see it in person! One thing I love to see in fabric stores is a carefully chosen selection of cuttings from high-end fashion magazines, married with suggested fabrics available in the store. Inspiration boards showing how a wide range of fabrics could be turned into designer-style garments can help people think outside the own box in terms of trying new fabrics and colours. On the flip side, it can also help spark ideas for what could be done with a fabulous fabric you've stumbled on.

  16. Congratulations on the new shop! My favourites in a fabric store are of course the fabrics, preferably arranged by colour and including all the information (where it is made, what it is made off, how to wash it etc) The other important factor in a fabric store are the people. With Nikki on board I know that part will be fantastic. I can't wait to visit, the pictures look amazing.

  17. I'm so excited to hear you've finally opened in Melbourne!

    I like to be able to walk in to a fabric store and be able to see fabrics neatly arranged in coordinates in a way that I can take in at a glance; I usually end up buying more that way because I can see easily how great different fabrics work together!

    Mirrors are also useful, so I can see how a fabric is going to look on me. And it might sound a little silly, but if the space allows for it I do like the odd leafy indoor plant around the place!

    Friendly staff that have an interest in sewing is also very important, and if I come in to a store a lot, it's nice to be remembered. On a very nit-picky note, I like when staff cut and fold fabric quickly and neatly; it's painful to watch some one cutting and folding oh so slowly, and even worse when the folded bundle isn't even neat (which seems to happen all too often in some stores!).

  18. I'd love a fabric store with high quality print fabric. It's so hard to find a store that stocks good fabric with stylish prints which can me made into anything - dresses, tops and skirts!

  19. I like a fabric store that is welcoming, bright and happy, and you could easily spend all afternoon there chatting away with the staff without thinking about the time!! Also its great when there are lots of examples of clothes patterns made up in the fabrics to give us ideas. Will be in for a visit in a couple of weeks, can't wait. Good Luck

  20. I have a passion for fabric and therefore want a fabric store where I can spend time browsing, touching and choosing fabrics which inspire me. Staff who are helpful and knowledgable, and share my excitement is important. Having visited the Tessuti store on its opening day, I left hoping it was the start of a longterm relationship.

  21. I like to see beautiful, inspiring, quality fabric, in surrounds which are peaceful and tidy, and with staff who smile.
    My daughter has been praising Tessuti's online store from Sydney for some time, so I look forward to being able to meet her in a venue we will both love.

  22. Being in Melbourne, and reading your Sydney blog from afar...I really wanted to be involved in your special workshops for tailoring and competition nights.. it looked like such a fun community.. I hope in Melbourne you can bring some interesting learning sessions into your store too.

  23. Hi there Colette and Lisa! I liked EVERYTHING I saw at Tessuti when I popped in on Tuesday! It was great meeting you both :o) Now what I would love to see is pictures and maybe made-up garments for inspiration- that really gets the creative juices flowing! You girls have great style so I know you'd pick fantastic images to spark our imaginations.
    By the way, I finished my Vogue 8451 in the grey 100% Merino- I'm really pleased with how it turned out! Here are the photos:


  24. I'd like to see a photoboard with photos of all the awesome things people have made with their super fine Tessuti fabrics! I think that would be inspiring.

  25. Oh, whoops - I just saw the previous person said the same thing! She's clearly a smart girl :)

  26. Great! I'm looking forward to my first visit to Tessuti Melbourne, I've heard great things about the Sydney store.

    Fabric stores that inspire me (not in any particular order)...
    - have staff who know what they are talking about & especially if they sew & wear from the shop stock
    - have pattern/fabric/trims combinations on display
    - have an interesting range of patterns (not just the standard 4 companies)
    - have good quality, current style fabrics that are appropriate for day to day use & aren't *all* polyester
    - I really like a good range of buttons & trims
    - clearly state what the fabric content is

  27. Kate_pop@hotmail.comMay 8, 2009 at 10:43 PM

    Lovely to meet you guys on your opening day. As discussed, would love to see vogue patterns, can't wait to see the Japanese ones when they come in!

  28. Very late to the party here. I agree with what has been said but would also like to add (again) that matching notions, buttons, trims would be the thing that would entice me to travel in on a Saturday to visit. Also a mirror for viewing fabrics drapped.

  29. I know the competition has finished but I have just found this blog and do not know about yr melb store yet live there........to me its all about the instore experience and what u can offer that others are not, better fabric choice, lessons, worshops, knowleable staff but above all exceptional service

  30. Hi,

    Yes I know your giveaway has ended, but I too am excited about visiting.
    I hope you cater to all sewers, not just quilters!

    If that's the case, I would love to see patterns from a Florida-based indie company www.hotpatterns.com. If you could get a deal with them so their patterns don't cost $40 a pop (which is what the current exchange rate would mean if I ordered them by mail - and that's not even including postage!)... that would make my year!


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