Friday, May 22, 2009

Sewing Tuition with Bernadette Doherty

Attention everyone! I have just heard that Bernadette Doherty who is a very well established dressmaker, with 25 years experience ,has decided that she would like to pass on some of her experience to those who would like to improve their dressmaking skills.

Bernadette would love to hear from anyone interested in taking classes, also feel free to let her know what you would like to learn - if interested fill out this form.


  1. Hi Collette,
    I live in Perth, but spend hours looking at and occasionally buying tessuti fabrics, and browsing sewing blogs online for inspiration and sewing tips. I can't join in lessons being done in Sydney, but notice that Pattern Review have recently held a weekend in Portland. They have some lessons/lectures, time for swing, then a few dinners. If this sort of weekend was run in Sydney or Melbourne, it would give those of us with restricted access to beautiful fabrics and sewing expertise a chance to join in!

  2. Hi Helen,

    That's a fabulous idea. We will try to organise something like towards the end of the year. Keep checking here.


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