Monday, August 24, 2009

Pattern Review - Flashback New Look 6112

You may have seen this gorgeous textured wool around on here and also featured here in our Tessuti Group on Flickr.

Margaret from Canberra made up this fabulous 100% wool 'Quagmire' in a simple unlined jacket from an old favourite New Look 6112 pattern (circa 80-90s) which is out of print. This is a perfect example why we all should take another good look through our pattern stashes at home. Refashion them, so to speak, and save a bit on buying new patterns.

The original pattern was designed to be made up in a medium to heavy weight wool for coats. It's worked out perfectly in this relaxed jacket, very similar to the styles you usually find in the Japanese craft books - so simple and unstructured - the real focus is on this exquisite textured wool instead. Margaret omitted the facings on the fronts and back neck, instead hemming back the front edges and neckline, along with the sleeves and hems.

Worth noting too, everything seen here is made by Margaret, the checked tunic top is made up in a seersucker wool blend, one we had earlier in the season paired back with straight leg pants made up in our Chocolate heavy pure linen. Even Margaret's necklace was made from a textured jersey knit - similar to one made by Nichola over at Nikkishell.

Thanks again Margaret, look forward to seeing you what you create with your latest purchases very soon;-)



  1. What you have failed to notice is that Margaret is dressed in a necessary Canberra outfit - layers, layers, layers. However, unlike the rest of Canberra, three cheers for Margaret as not a cm of arctic fleece in sight (though it does have its place) :)

  2. from across the pacificAugust 26, 2009 at 5:21 PM

    Bravo! Margaret is amazing! I hope the Sartorialist catches her next time he's in Australia!

    Wow, this is so chic and elegant--yet relaxed and age appropriate. And best of all, it showcases the fabric to great effect, while still allowing the woman to come through. This is what great style is all about!

    To think that she not only pulled off this look, but made almost every element of it herself, well I'm in total awe.

    I'm inspired to dust off the sewing machine and start digging through my old patterns from the 90s.

  3. I second from across the pacific - bravo indeed!
    This is a fabulous outfit, and a great example of well-paired pattern and fabric.
    I have a bag of old patterns by the door heading for the op shop... maybe I should check through them one more time. On the other hand, there are two more plastic tubs in the sunroom, so maybe I could release those in the bag back into the wild...

    Love these posts Colette and Lisa - it's great to see what other people are creating!

  4. Love the overcoat patterns.It is difficult to get the style and the cut right.It has to look smart and stylish else can not be used really.


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