Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pattern Review - Stylish Dress Book 1 (E)

My first pattern review. When you work with the likes of such talented and productive ladies, you can only make excuses for so long before it's time to pull the finger, dive head first into the stash and start sewing, dammit. And so I did. Over two nights. And this was what I ended up with - a super-comfy, easy-to-sew, easy-to-wear dress. The pattern came from what is hands-down our most popular Japanese pattern book for adults, Stylish Dress Book 1, pattern 'E'. It's the one on the cover...

This was my first foray into the world of Japanese sewing books and due to the simplicity of both dress and pattern, I had no trouble following the illustrations. Tracing the pattern out and adding the 1.5cm seam allowance (a most important detail) seemed like the most time-consuming aspect of the journey. I used a fine, pinstripe cotton/linen blend from our $10 p/metre selection (sadly sold out, but we've many similar fabrics in stock that we can happily suggest).

Highly recommended, both book and pattern. The only change I'd make next time around would be to add some length so it finishes a little closer to my knee. In this book, the patterns are all made to fit one height (160cm) which is what I am. So if you're anything over and above that, keep this in mind.



  1. Lisa you look great! Such a lovely job! I'm amazed (and jealous!) you did it in two nights... you MUST have elves, right?

  2. The dress looks great! I'm tempted to buy this book of patterns.

  3. I know what you mean.... about being surrounded by talented and productive ladies. I'm very impressed Lisa.


    Ps I received my copy of this book today, thankyou.

  4. Well done Lisa! It's even better in real life ;)

  5. Rockin' Lisa!! And great choice of fabric too. Wish I had some more myself...If only they had larger sized patterns I'd be right onto it...

  6. Hi Lisa, just wondering - what size did you pick to make it in? I'm about to start on something similar and my lack of Japanese language skills has me slightly stumped when choosing which size to make it in...
    Thanks heaps :)

  7. So inspired by this! I bought the book recently but haven's started anything yet. I think I'll go with this dress first!


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