Friday, September 25, 2009

A sunny jacket for Janet (Burda 7836 OOP)

Remember this pattern review? I mentioned that Janet had another one in the works. Presenting Version 2 in our viscose/polyamide/lycra Canary Berry.

For this one, Janet narrowed the sleeves for a tighter fit. I love this - so much so that within thirty seconds of her walking into the store, I had it on. The ponti fabric is great - very stable and firm - and also perfect for pants, tube skirts and a fitted style of dress. In addition to yellow, it also comes in a light shade of green, turquoise and black (available in-store only).

And don't forget to check out our Tessuti group pool on Flickr. We've recently uploaded some new pics from some very clever Melbourne customers...

L x


  1. That is awesome - well done Janet!

  2. The narrow arms are attractive. This pattern is a winner~!

  3. That is beautiful. Would you mind sharing how you narrow sleeves? I have been wondering about that.

  4. Hi Rachel. Janet's been kind enough to provide this little explanation on how it's done.....
    You need to find a pattern of top with narrow sleeves – let’s call this “pattern B” and let’s call the original jacket “pattern A”. Find the pattern pieces that contain the armhole openings. These will generally be the “side front” or “front” and “side back” or “back” pieces depending on the pattern. For each piece, you will be essentially merging pattern A with pattern B by overlay the pieces. Be sure to use the armhole opening edge from pattern B whilst using all other edges from pattern A. Use the sleeves from pattern B.

    Hope that all makes sense.
    Good Luck!


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