Monday, October 12, 2009

Our fave top...

About six months ago, Colette and I both purchased a top that has fallen firmly into that part of your wardrobe that you wish you could wear every day. But that would be a little weird, slightly impractical and customers would surely notice, no? So what is one to do but make a copy, of course. Presenting version one of what might well be the first of many.

Here's the pattern. Two pieces. Both cut on the fold. How easy is that?

I have a bit of a thing for stripes. You know when you go into a shop, any shop, and are inextricably drawn to the same kinda thing, time after time, year after year? If it's got a stripe, you can bet I'll be looking at it. My love affair began when I first bought REMO's Stripey Thing back in 1987 (it's a little worse for wear, but still going strong!). And so when we got this 100% cotton jersey (*'Magpie Stripe' - $20/metre - (* Sold Out - but we now have a new fabulous Japanese cotton knit Black Frenchy Knit, also available in Navy), well, I can assure you I did swoon. And knew exactly what needed to be done with it.

I don't generally recommend posing like this in public, but it gives you a good idea of how the sleeves fit... give you this lovely, drapey effect in the front...

...and back.

I'm pretty sure that I'll have another version in my wardrobe before the month is out.



  1. i love this! looks so comfy and chic. i have to try making one for my self too. thank you for the inspiration!

  2. I'm definitely going to make mine up in the same 'Magpie Stripe' like yours....sorry Lisa. At least I'm here in Sydney and your down there...hehe.

    It's tres's got that whole Audrey, Alexa Chung ( going on....

    Also love that your red ballet flats match the graffitti on the wall. Nice work.

  3. Looks great! Now I know why you were suggesting that stripe a few weeks ago. The cigarette pants and red shoes are a good combo, too.
    I think it would look rather nice in a grey lightweight drapey linen, or may be a steel grey silk? The possibilities are endless...

  4. Well, that certainly looks chic on you!! Plus, it looks super easy to make!

  5. Oh that top is sooooo cool Lisa! Yay for you. And thanks for your help in the shop today (I was the one who purchased that delicious Japanese sear-sucker type print in red, and the remnant in green).

  6. Stylish as well as comfortable - what a winning combo! You look fabulous in this. I am inspired to make this right now. Please could you give us some basic dimensions for the pattern - length from neck to bottom edge, width across the bottom, sleeve length and distance from underarm to centre. Thanks for the posting.

  7. You do look so stylish! So very chic!!
    I'm with Dee, would love it if you would kindly drop a few hints about measurements for your pattern, as I am a bit to cautious to have a crack all by myself!

  8. That's wonderful! I am also a bit of a sucker for stripes... Have to make it!

  9. This is just brilliant.
    I have been trying to find maternity wear patterns for a friend of mine but everything is sooooo daggy. Apparently only fashion challenged people get pregnant...
    Anyway this will be perfect.

    Thanks heaps...

  10. how do i print it though ?

  11. The pattern comes with a A4 Print At Home version
    Note: After purchasing a digital sewing pattern, you will be able to download the pattern instantly (check for the download link on the order confirmation page at the end of the checkout process). You will also receive an automatic email with a link to the download. If you haven't received the email, please check your spam/junk folder.

  12. Where do we purchase it? Thanks!

    1. Hi Dodo, you can get the Fave Top pattern here online -

    2. Or click on the image of The Fave Top on our side bar on the right.

  13. Where do we purchase the pattern? Thanks !


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