Thursday, October 29, 2009

Red Missoni Knit long-line cardi

Talented Donna sent me some pics of her longline cardi made in our lighter weight Missoni knit - a gorgeous blend of linen, silk, cotton and viscose.

Donna said:

"The design is based on an Onion pattern 1029Cardigan for knits.I modified the neckline to create a tie closure.The pattern works well with the fabric as it has vertical darts front and back.These disappear in the pattern but give the cardigan a nice shape.

The fabric was a bit tricky to sew - it was like dealing with a bias woven rather than a knit.The pieces grew longer and thinner as bias does.So I would recommend cutting with 'insurance' in the side seams, especially if using an untested pattern. But of course, you would make a muslin before cutting into the fabulous fabric!!!!

I laid out the pattern to take advantage of the zig-zag edge.I had to fake it on the sleeves and attach the edging separately.This pattern used almost all of the 1.5m that I purchased so was very satisfying.The colours are beautiful but this doesn't really show in the photos.The fabric is also extremely comfortable to wear - warm but light.

The pants are from a burgundy wool crepe from Tessuti (out of print Butterick pattern).I made these years ago and they still look great. Wool crepe is the PERFECT fabric for pants!

I missed out on the last lot of Missoni fabric you carried. I took too long to decide 'if I needed it'.This fabric is perfect with these pants and also looks great with navy.I love this so much I am considering another colourway (if not already sold out)!"

Isn't it fabulous? I've also got some of this fabric and have earmarked it for a three quarter sleeve, long line cardi.

Thanks Donna!



  1. That is gorgeous. I've been umming and ahhing about the Missoni knits myself...I also could not decide which colour I liked best. Tell Donna her cardigan is just beautiful.

  2. Colette, it's Em. Emailed you 4 days ago, but it's just bounced back and says your inbox is full!
    Will try again tomorrow. Ex

  3. I love this Missoni fabric. I made a fabulous winter coat from the Missoni Verdi and love it to bits.


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