Friday, December 11, 2009

Beyond Biba - Special Edition DVD and GIVEAWAY!!!

You may remember I posted about a documentary Beyond Biba back in October. I just received an email from the one of the producers of the film letting me know that they are releasing 1000 special edition DVD's of the film, all orders will be posted out by the 14th December and the first 500 copies will be signed by Barbara Hulanicki herself.

So, if you're stuck for ideas for a great Christmas present and want something out of the ordinary, then consider giving this.


NEW UPDATE: The producers are offering to give a signed copy of Beyond Biba DVD to one lucky Sew Tessuti winner!!! Simply answer the question below :

" The Pink Gingham dress which launched Biba in 1964 was a huge success but how many were sold in the first two weeks?"

Answers will be received by 12pm AEST, *Sunday 20th December, the winner will be chosen randomly and announced shortly thereafter.

PS. If you're not a blogger please leave your name and an email address so that we can contact you.

Goodluck everyone.


* We're extending the closing date for the giveaway to Sunday 20th. Everyone should get a chance to win this fabulous DVD for Christmas.


  1. Hi Colette,
    I would love to win this dvd....
    Biba sold 17,000 little pink gingham dresses.

    Sue Flewell-Smith(

  2. Hello Colette,

    I'd love to win this DVD too!!!

    Biba sold 17,000 little pink gingham dress.

  3. Hi Colette,
    Biba sold 17,000 dresses for £1.25 (such an outfit would normally be priced at around £25, even in those frugal days), making a halfpenny profit on each and giving them enough money to open their first tiny shop.

    Elizabeth Holt

  4. Hi Colette
    WOW - great prize. Answer: 17,000

  5. Hi Colette

    I remember how exciting it was when we used to receive the Biba catalogue in the mail. Their clothing range was like nothing we had ever seen before.
    I would love to win this prize and the answer is: 17,000.

    Sonia Hinson

    P.S. Love your site by the way.

  6. What fun. I just learnt from Wiki that 17000 pink gingham dresses were sold (I was never much good at trivia!). Count me in.

  7. 17,000! Thanks for the chance :)

  8. 17,000! What a great giveaway.

  9. By the morning after the dress was advertised in the Daily Mirror, it had received over 4,000 orders. Ultimately, some 17,000 outfits were sold. I dont know how many were sold in the first two weeks. I can't find the information.

  10. 17.000. Oh, I would love to be the lucky winner of this fab prize!


  11. I would LOVE to win this DVD---
    Biba sold 17.000 dresses!


  12. Oohh how I love the stories of successful design and construction resulting in sales....17,000 and bringing joy to so many! We all need to feel special & Biba made that possible for so many!


  13. Great prize, will keep my fingers crossed! They had received 4'000 orders by the following morning and ultimately sold 17'000 dresses int total!

  14. I would love to win this DVD. It is only through your blog that I get to hear of any movies that have a sewing storyline. For that I thank you. I got to read about and see the movie Coco Channel this way also. There were 17,000 dresses sold. Fingers crossed

  15. great give away!
    17,000 dresses were sold.

    name: Robyn Donoghue



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