Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas.....

Just in case you are not on our email list, here's to let you know the trading hours for our Tessuti stores over the holiday season:

Friday, 25th Dec 2009 – Closed

Saturday, 26th Dec 2009 - Closed

Sunday, 27th Dec 2009 - Closed

Monday, 28th Dec 2009 - Closed

Tuesday, 29th Dec 2009 - Open

Wednesday, 30th Dec 2009 - Open

Thursday, 31st Dec 2009 - Open - Chatswood store only

Friday, 1st Jan 2010 - Closed

Saturday, 2nd Jan 2010 - Open

On behalf of all Tessuti staff, we would like to wish you a merry and safe Christmas.



  1. Merry Christmas Colette! Thanks for all your help this year
    Alice Westmore xx


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