Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thankyou Lisa!

Have I told you enough times that I loooove my earrings?



  1. Gorgeous earrings!!!
    Good pick Lisa!

  2. Nice earrings!

    I have a question for the Tessuti girls that you may be able to help me with. When choosing two different fabrics for a garment, when one fabric is coloured and one is light, how do you ensure that the colour won't run when it is washed?

    I have some vintage red printed fabric I want to use in a skirt, and I want to use a cream coloured interlock as a waistband (for a post-baby body). But I am worried that the red from the skirt will run into the cream the first time I wash it.

    What can I do about this?

    By the way Lisa, thanks for steering me towards the aqua stripe for the world's most comfy top pattern you guys have on the blog. I sewed it up on the weekend and it is officially my comfiest piece of clothing, and the perfect way to hide the post-preg belly!

  3. Hi Lisa,

    If your fabric is a vintage piece I would definitely prewash it on it's own for colour fastness ( particularly reds and pinks!) and if it runs I would rethink the cream band.

    I find that salt or vinegar in your wash will (sometimes) stop colours running...worth a try.

    We're glad to hear that our fave top has become your fave too.


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