Monday, January 11, 2010

Bowor Tote Bag

My new tote bag made for me by Sue for Christmas. How chic does it look in our appliqued/embroidered poly taffeta Bowor. Sue modelled the pattern off the Go Green Coles bag you know? She just added longer straps in a black cotton webbing and caught the side gusset together at the top. It's fully lined in a black cotton (inside pocket and all!) and is the perfect size to fit all my extra bits and pieces.

I had a sewing day today with a couple of friends Bowor Tote held all my sewing stuff in it beautifully.

I love love love it Sue ;)


  1. Isn't Sue clever??? I hear it runs in the family (heehee). And I can tell you now the Bowor tote is SO this Tuesday compared to a Coles bag!! Bec x

  2. I've just heard on the radio that Coles has just ordered 1,000 of them......get that machine going LS !!

  3. Fabulous Bag....fabulous fabric !

  4. So fabulous! I love it! Perfect for all those sewing needs.


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