Tuesday, January 12, 2010

iPhone love. Fashion love.

I gifted myself with an iPhone this Christmas and am embarassed to admit how much I love it. I'll do my best to not become the "tragic bore" referred to in this article, but I'm making no promises. The applications are my favourite feature, and the free ones?...even better.

Style.com's application lets you view current and past runway shows, including ready-to-wear and couture. Demo here. That makes this phone a completely justifiable, work-related purchase, no?

If you've got any favourite fashion/sewing/craft-related applications, do share...



  1. Do NOT be embarrassed re iPhone love. I am currently waiting for my credit with my current carrier to runout where upon I will purchase an iPhone. Can't wait to be able to access info on fabric requirements for particular patterns while out'n'about, via www.patternreview.com

  2. amazing mobile pictures i like it and thanks for sharing this with us.........
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  3. This would be wonderful to have! I would spend every second playing around on it I'm sure. Oh the temptation! So so so jealous.

  4. Work related purchase? Does that mean i get one too? ;)

  5. I have an itouch and love the Style.com app. One of the best sources for ideas and inspiration. I never get tired of it.

  6. I too have Iphone love - addictive - I was a doubter but once my office upgraded from blackberries I was hooked - in fact I was reading this post on the way to work on the Iphone - once you have had it you can't do with out.... There are some fabulous apps - Check out the Musee du Louvre app - a freebie- - not crafty but creatively interesting :)

  7. Lisa I think it's an absolute must...love that app

  8. ahhhh if only I had an Iphone, the style.com app itself would be worth it.



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