Saturday, February 6, 2010

Looking for a Bernette 334D

HELP: If anyone wants to sell their 334D/DS Bernette Overlocker or has any suggestions on where I might find one - please email me at


  1. I got mine from Ebay, but I paid like $400 for it.
    Just out of curiosity, why this make and model? :)

  2. Hi Illyanna,

    Thankyou. I recently had a go on a friends 334D and it's fabulous!!! After looking it up on the internet...I found that it reviewed really well. This overlocker has been described as a workhorse!

    Seems like $400 is the going rate for one in good condition.

  3. Hey Colette,
    Thanks so much for answering my comment!
    That's awesome news, I was a little afraid I paid too much and the machine was too old, but the reviews I read it was the best to get.. but they were just general from teh internet and while I think it is awesome to use, this is the first overlocker I have had, so there was nothing to compare it to.
    Anyway.. so I don't babble. Thanks so much! You have made my day. I feel so much better about the price I paid now :))
    Many, much good luck with finding one!! :))

  4. Soon I'll post about a great overlocking thread to use along with this overlocker....another great tip from the same friend.

    Enjoy your 334D - I know I will when i get it ;)

  5. i have one and i don't like it at all but maybe i need to get it serviced- there's something not right about it, the tension is all wrong. i didn't realise it was considered to be so good so maybe i'll hang on to it- sorry!

  6. I have a 334D in great condition. We have not the need for this one and will make a great addition to your hobby room. Contact me at
    Call me at 815.985.9530

  7. Very good overlocker. Always good to clean the tension units out and make sure your needle plates's needle is still in. It helps to spread your stitch evenly and makes it flow off the plate. Check that your loopers don't have a fine hook on the point of it. Your cotton can hook on it and cause skipped stithces.
    Most parts are still available and you can replace the motor with a generic one.
    A good technician can help you with all these little problems.

  8. Out of curiosity :) Did you ever find one? Now I'm being nosy, how much did you get it for?
    I've been looking for one, but the last one I saw on eBay had a buy it now price of $680 O_o I don't know how good it is, but I felt the price was a bit too high for such an old machine.
    Have a wonderful afternoon!

  9. Hi Liana2,

    As a matter of fact not long after I posted this, a lady from Melbourne contacted me about selling her Bernette 334. I bought it off her for $450 and it's in mint condition. I'm very happy with it.


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