Friday, February 19, 2010


For the last two days we've been a little busy at home with our latest addition to the family....a very cute puppy we named Zoey. Our very first dog and pet! Well if you don't count two hermit crabs and a couple of goldfish.

My girlfriend Jody sent me this very photo from her iphone when she spotted her at a local pet store.....knowing that I was on the hunt for a suitable dog for the girls......well how could I resist that face?

We just love her to bits.


  1. what a cutie! hope she settles into her new home. my new kitten is Zoe!

  2. Hi Jenny,

    She's settling into the family and her new home really well. I love the name Zoe(y)....did you know that it means 'life' in Greek?

    All the best with your new kitten ;)

  3. Hi Colette
    so pleased to hear that - she's a lucky girl, and very very cute! Hope we see more of her - maybe in a doggie coat designed by you for the cooler months?

    Yes, I did know that about the name - beautiful! That's why I chose it for my little kitty - she was found locked in a garage at the end of the street on which I live. I adopted her after a neighbour rescued her. So 'life' is a great name for her!


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