Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fabric Swatch Book

This beautiful old swatch book (circa late forties) found on display in the shop window at Paper 2 in Crown St Surry Hills....apparently bought at an auction house! Wish we had done the same with all the fabrics that we have purchased over the years.


  1. No time like the present! Why don't you start one today?

  2. Love it....I think I too could start one with all the fabrics I have bought over the years, many of which are sitting there anxiously waiting to be made up! Yesterday I added to my stash with some fabulous finds at the remnant sale. The girls did a fantastic job and Collette your top looked fab, think I am going to make some of my remnants up into that top. Thanks for the inspiration! Keri L

  3. Thanks Keri, it was nice seeing you again too. I look forward to seeing your versions of the Fave Top.

    Anonymous, we have started swatching all fabrics from around 1996 - I only wish I had started doing it back in the beginning (1992)...better late than never I suppose. Not set out quite like this magnificent book though.

    Enjoy your weekend everyone.

  4. Thanks Collette but my sewing has been put on hold for the moment as I have my 15yr old son wanting to design & make cool t-shirts. Last night we drafted up a pattern from an old t-shirt he had and now we have to cut & make, he is about to learn how to use the sewing machine & overlocker! I am so excited....who needs girls! From one with three boys.....x

  5. Hi Collette...I have one of these books- I started it a long long time ago. It's the only way I can keep track of my stash. But it's very scary.....and mine is not as neat..just shows a swatch/length and width/where it is. (I dont like to admit it but I have plastic boxes marked A, B etc.) My book looks a bit like a Tessuti archive !! ha ha

  6. I love the idea of that book, thanks for sharing! I am going to start one now. It'll be interesting to see how your taste evolves over time.

  7. Oh wow, I just love it! It's such a great idea for us home-seamstresses too... with notes on what we made from the materials.
    Would be a good way of keeping track of ones stash, hm... I need a sutable notebook!


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