Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Advanced classes @ The Sew Inn, Melbourne

So here in Melbourne, we'd like to dip our toes into some more advanced sewing classes and we need your help. What kind of classes would you like to see? Are there any technical aspects - big or small - that you'd like to learn? Does a mid-week 45 minute 'lunch and learn' session appeal? We'd love - nay, we NEED - your feedback.

As a precursor, we're offering two special demonstration (and free!) classes this coming Saturday 5th June in our Melbourne store only.

* 11-12pm - Adjusting a commercial pattern to fit
Begin with a calico garment cut from a standard pattern . We will demonstrate the fitting process and show how alterations are transferred accurately to the pattern
* 12:30-1:30pm - Stylistic variations applied to a fitted pattern
Using the pattern from the aforementioned class, we'll show you how to make several variations.

Feel free to comment here or send us an email to fabrics@tessuti.com.au.
Thanks in advance.



  1. Hi Lisa, Do we have to register for these free sample classes on Saturday? If so, how?

  2. awesome - these are just the topics I want to learn about. I can sew, but it's the patterns that get me! the human form (well, mine, at least) varies so much from the standard used for patterns
    bravo, Tessuti. Hope to be there on Sat!

  3. Hi Rachel
    No need to register. Just come along.

  4. I'd love to see some classes on draping. Any chance of this?

    Also whilst I'd love to be able to come to a mid week lunch & learn, realistically it would be exceptionally difficult for me to commit to. Saturday morning sessions would be a lot better. But that's just me...

  5. I am up for anything you want to offer if it ends up with a finished garment that I am happy with, fitting is always a problem for me.

  6. I second Steph, I'd also love to learn about draping. There aren't all that many sewing classes that advance beyond beginning sewer level that I've happened across in Melbourne, so I'm sure you'll have a lot of interested students!

    Other ideas might be to offer short courses on fitting particular areas of the body - e.g. go through how to do a full bust or small bust alteration for different types of patterns/garments. Or you could run some type of sew-along where people could come to a class on how to sew jeans, or a jacket or a pair of pants etc. So many possibilities!

  7. A lot of Tessuti's fabric makes great tailored garments - how about a course teaching the hand stitches used? Most of us can do the rest, it's the little extras like pad stitching a collar, stitching the tape to the roll line, or making a keyhole buttonhole that are new to most experienced dressmakers.

    My new job is a block from the Melbourne store - this could be a Very Expensive Thing ;-)


  8. I would like to see a session dedicated to "Tricks of the Trade". Also, would love to learn the different stitches used in dressmaking/tailoring. I too have now gone a bit beyond the beginner courses and would love to learn more about the detailing - the inside of a garment is just as important to me, as the outside. Evelyne

  9. The session on Saturday was fantastic - really enjoyed it, and would like to do more.

  10. I've just read this and disappointed I missed the classes on Saturday. For me, short lunchtime classes in the city would be great. I would be interested in anything on fitting commercial patterns to my own figure - particularly full bust alterations.

  11. are there going to be anymore classes? i would love to do a class on couture techniques. I am an advanced sewer but find fine fabrics and laces a challenge.


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