Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pattern Review - McCalls 5569

Back in December, one late summer afternoon just before Christmas, I received a distress call from a friend of mine. Our girls had decided to give each other a hair cut. With craft scissors. I present you with Exhibits A and B - photos taken, while my daughter slept, on the night of the crime...

I must say it was a pretty cool hairdo in an urban chic, mullet-y, funny kinda way. But a pixie cut was in order given one side was long and the other, as you see, short. Very short. Two days into the super cute new 'do, she looked in the mirror and said 'I look like a boy'. Much reassurance, the promise of a new dress, longer hair and six and a half months later, the dress is done.

I used McCalls 5569 and made up a size 6 so that she could get another few summers out of it. The fabric is our 100% cotton Dinner Stripe.

Oh, and the one panel on the back that doesn't match up? That was just because I could. Sometimes a little bit of mismatch just goes, y'know?



  1. Glad to see it growing back...although she looked adorable in her pixie cut.Gorgeous dress Lisa, I like the mismatched stripes at the back.

  2. You know I looove this dress Lisa - just gorgeous as is your little girl.


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