Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pattern Review Vogue 8489

Can you make out Susan's notes on Vogue 8489?

F: Nice. Neck too low - need insert. I've made the bodice a little too big and too long. Also need to make the dress a little longer so need 150cm wide (fabric) minimum.

Obviously Susan intends to make up this pattern again - notes on the pattern cover are a great way to remember pattern adjustments - always difficult to remember alterations made months and months before. Do you do this too, if not have you any tips?

Ps.The dress looks lovely made up in Tessuti's 100% Spun Rayon Jersey Wildberry Bush (OUT OF STOCK)


  1. I can never manage to get the pattern pieces (neatly) back into the envelope so I keep mine in A4 sheet protectors, and I keep a piece of paper in there with them with notes of what I made of the pattern, the size and any suggested alterations for next time. I also try and stick a swatch of the fabric I used, and often a comment on whether the fabric was the right kind or if i think something else would work better the next time around.

  2. I do what Rachel does - I don't manage the notes or swatch all the time, but I keep everything in clear sheets. Every now and then I move stuff to an 'archive' folder - things I don't think I'll make again.

  3. I haven't ever put notes in, but I love it when I use a pattern again and find a swatch!

  4. I find writing a blog has been a major help - now I photograph myself in whatever I've made from all angles to see how it really looks, I note what changes I made and people always leave comments pointing out something or suggesting a different way which is a huge help too

  5. Yep, I make notes of alterations - add the date and my weight at the time ... I also keep them in plastic (A4)satchels - then they file away in any standard filing cabinet!

  6. Ah, this is another pattern i recently picked up and was planning on making pretty soon. I was wondering about the depth of the V-neck, too. I assumed I'd be wearing it over a tank top or camisole, because, wow.

    Has anybody else tried re-contouring the neckline to a shallower "V"? Because I think that may be the direction I go with it. If I do, and it works out well, I will definitely share the results.


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