Friday, October 22, 2010

Exposed Metal Zippers and Hong Kong Binding.

Have you noticed garments in the stores lately that have an exposed contrast metal zipper? I must confess I haven't quite warmed up to this new fad, but whether you like it or's become a bit of a feature on dresses and skirts in particular. If you go for this look, I prefer when at least the zipper is not so contrasting, like here on this skirt Georgia made recently.

This skirt is made up in Tessuti's Indigo Navy 100% Cotton - Osaka Snow Flakes and without a pattern. Georgia made irregular pleats around the body from her rectangular fabric piece to fit a shaped facing and then added the metal trouser zip to the outside. At least this way it's easier to put a zip on a skirt!

Check out the Hong Kong binding Georgia used to finish the seams and that's a finish I can relate to!

What are your thoughts?


  1. Exposed zippers first came into fashion when zips were just beginning to be used for garments, or so I'm told - designers and seamstresses would make a feature of them to show off the new technology. I like the trend just because it shows off this little bit of history!

  2. Yeah, not my favorite trend! But I love the hong kong binding!


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