Monday, November 15, 2010

Casual Sweet Clothes - Pattern 'L'

I love my fabric (of course) and I fell truly, madly, deeply in love with this linen - Autumn Tie Dye - when it arrived in our latest European shipment. I love my Japanese pattern books too (of course) and I fell head over heels for Casual Sweet Clothes and, more specifically, Pattern 'L'. It was the shoulder ties that got me.

This pattern review very nearly wasn't and I don't mind saying that more than a bit of perseverance was needed to get this one done. The top, cut in the smallest size, was way too wide across the front, causing the shoulder seams to sit well down past where they belong. And this was accentuated even more by the shoulder ties. My solution was to create a centre front seam which took in about 3cm of excess fabric. Crisis - thankfully - averted.

The pattern suggests an elastic casing for the sleeve cuff but I created a self-made binding instead.

The other very important thing about this pattern is that there is most definitely a right way and a wrong way to tie the shoulders. At one point in the mid-way-made-and-trying-on stage, the kid told me it looked like I had a couple of birds on my shoulders. Thanks for that. So try (and tie) again I did, and again, and again until they sat flat and behaved like nice shoulder ties should. I used a fine yellow silk/cotton to line the bodice and create a contrast for the underside of the bows.

Ah yes, I learnt quite a few valuable lessons with this pattern. Always a good thing on your sewing journey, she says with the benefit of hindsight...



  1. I lingered over this fabric in the store on the weekend and thought it was gorgeous, but also hesitated over being able to pull the colouring off - If I had seen this ensemble before going I would have definately bought because this looks stunning!! Those little bows on the shoulders really work. You must be so pleased with this - it trully looks stunning!

  2. Beautiful fabric. We don't have anything like that here in Chicago. Yet!

  3. It looks fantastic Lisa. I wish I could pull those colours off. Nice work with the CF seam.

  4. Well worth the effort Lise! Nice to see those shoulder ties sitting obediently. How frustrating is it that patterns are so wide across the neckline??! It was a good idea to put that centre seam in. I'm finding that I have to alter all my patterns so that they sit nicely from shoulder to shoulder. A real bummer but worth it in the end. Well done on this gorgeous piece!

  5. Gorgeous - love the comment about the birds on the shoulders :-)
    Love the changes you made, even the centre seam serves to accentuate the design on the fabric, it looks handpainted. Beautiful! Great review!

  6. Gorgeous - love the birds on the shoulders comment! :-) And love the changes you made - the centre seam even serves to accentuate the print on the fabric, it looks handpainted. Beautiful! Great review!


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