Monday, January 31, 2011

Back To School Pencilcases #2

School's back! At the start of another school year I love to make the girls new pencilcases. This year I made them up in a laminated cotton I bought on our trip to Japan along with these nifty zippers and tape measure ribbon I picked up there too.

I'm making enquiries to see if we can stock these products.Fingers crossed!

PS. I sure hope these help the girls keep things organised...ahem!


  1. Love them! Wish my Mum had access to gorgeous laminated cotton in my school days!

  2. Very cute! A friend took me to Smiggle to see their stationary, but it wasn't as cute as I remember stationary being when I was a kid. Love those pencilcases...makes me yearn for strawberry erasers and heart shaped paperclips etc etc.

  3. I always loved stocking up on new stationary and a new pencil case at the start of school.
    They look great.xx

  4. Good luck with getting people organised .............. On the plus side the pencil cases look fantastic :)

  5. Pencil cases look great. I just love those zips - I'll cross fingers too, hoping that they do make it downunder!!

  6. I would love to get my hands on some of that Laminated cotton - waaaay cute pattern!


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