Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flower Salad Leggings

Still on the subject of swimwear fabric. If sewing swimwear seems daunting, whip up a pair of leggings instead! Here's a pair I made today (in less than an hour) for Claudia in Nylon/Lycra Flower Salad. This is a side seamless pattern, so quick and easy to make.

Instant hit, I tell you! I've never seen Claudia get into a piece of clothing so quickly, which she styled together with this denim shirt, ready for her photoshoot with big sister Gabby.


  1. I actually used to have a pair of leggings just like these, very cute! :-)

  2. I love leggings and you can get a nice slick or lacey pair for less than what you would pay at American Apparel...but I had not idea there was a side seamless variety. Duh! Even faster to make.

  3. My daughter loves leggings. I adore the fence shot, reminds me of one I took of my daughter


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