Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sewing swimwear: I haven't. Have you?

I've never sewn a swimsuit before but it's on the 'To Do' list. That's in part due to some fairly exorbitant retail prices out there, but also - and simply - for the challenge. And if you've seen Colette's last post, you'll know that we're currently carrying a pretty spiffy range of swimwear-suitable fabrics. As with my general fashion preference, I'm rather taken by the more vintage-y styles and Burdastyle's Alison is one of my favourites. There's also a pretty tempting selection of original vintage swimsuit patterns out there amongst the myriad of online sellers. As for the larger commercial pattern companies, Kwik Sew would have to be my pick of the bunch. The selection is by no means huge but there's a better variety which includes both modern and practical styles.

They've also produced this PDF with swimwear sewing tips. For some other useful links, you might try these:

- Ten Tips for Sewing Swimwear Fabrics
- Sooz's post on sewing lycra
- On Pins, Needles and Stitches
- Katherine's helpful posts on adult and kids swimsuits. These posts led to link below.
- Stuart's Pattern School - learn to make your own one piece block and create your own one piece swimsuit...great site
- Video series - How to Design and Make a Custom Bikini

So, have you got any swimwear pattern or sewing tips and links that you'd like to share?


  1. Thanks for those links. I bought some fabric to make the Alison swimsuit last summer but haven't been brave enough to try it yet - I have a phobia of sewing with knits. But all the cossies I've seen that I like are $300+ so I'm going to have to be brave and get sewing!

  2. Thanks for this useful post - I have some fabric (purchased when in the US last year) but haven't been brave enought to cut into it yet!

  3. Thanks Lisa for posting - these are great references which I've saved in my favorites, Tutorial Blogs, for later - when I lose those 10 kilos.

  4. Thanks for the links - very helpful!


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