Thursday, April 14, 2011

Feature Fabric of the Week - Tabu

No photo can possibly do justice to this gorgeous new Tabu range - silk habutae allover rosettes on a nylon tulle base. Available online in pearl and ivory, black and pearl (Melbourne) and black, ivory, electric blue, pear, hot pink and pearl (Surry Hills).


  1. Is this the same stuff that was used for that darling rosette skirt a couple weeks ago?

  2. No it's totally different. Here the appliqued fabric is made of 100% silk habutai and looks a bit like the bottom of Penelope Cruz's dress (pic 6) in this post earlier

    In the rosette tulle it's all nylon tulle with more obvious rosette flower all over.

  3. Hmm, I don't think the photos are doing this fabric justice. Perhaps we need to see a less close up view. All I can see is a shaggy fabric. No sign of rosettes there. More photos please? ;-)

  4. Yes Yvette, perhaps the pictures don't do it justice!!!! You definitely have to see it and handle it up close to appreciate it's loveliness - I doubt that you will still think it looks shaggy ;)

  5. Do you have this in blue at all?
    Or know where I could get it in Blue?

    My email is cheers


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