Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pattern Review - Vintage McCalls 2157

Here's a pretty dress for Nellie in one of our Japanese cotton prints (this design has sold out) and trimmed with our French rose pink grosgrain ribbon, made up in this 1957 vintage children's pattern McCalls 2157 . Isn't this the sweetest?


  1. That is just absolutely beautiful!

  2. This is darling...I would love to see it with a petticoat underneath...I bet this generation of girls - who love to twirl in their little tutus - would be up for that. Even if it's just for special occasions.

  3. That little dress looks like it would twirl beautifully. Very Cute!

  4. of course this has sold out, it's GORGEOUS.

    i love the expression on nellie's face. she knows she has the best dress in town.

  5. Did little girls really wear dresses with full-on petticoats to make them stand out as they do in the picture on the pattern, back in the 50s? (Before my time,in this life, anyway, so I don't have experience to look back on...) Having been a mother of a little girl though, I can't imagine any little girl ENJOYING wearing itchy petticoats!


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