Monday, July 11, 2011

Pattern Review - Vogue 1220

I was tempted to title this blog post "I love this dress" because I love this dress. Lynette made up Vogue 1220 in our textured cotton Marina Biscotti.

I note the pattern suggests fabrics that are all stretch wovens - which this isn't - but it still works beautifully as it has a lovely crispness making it ideal for this type of garment. Aside from looking absolutely fab and being easy to sew, Lynette also said there were no pattern adjustments or alterations required.

Pattern Winner.


  1. Hi there, I forgot, I did make one adjustment, which wasn't to the fitting but to the length of the sash, which just seemed too flowsy to me. I didn't want to be gift-wrapped. I think I shortened it by over 30 centimetres -- small thing but I think it changes the tone of it a bit.

  2. How fabulous is this? I've been looking forward to seeing how this turned out....I love it!

  3. I have this pattern. This looks like a SUPERB version.

  4. Gorgeous. I like this dress and the colour as well.

  5. Great job. Waoh you shortened the sash by 30cm? Must have been a lengthy sash - no wonder you had to shorten it!

  6. That's a really lovely version of the dress. Amazingly this pattern seems to look good on everyone - despite the body shape recommendations!


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