Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pattern Review - Vogue 8548

Whilst this weather still can't make up it's mind, and we have a wet week ahead! It's still appropriate to post about coats! So here is a fabulous pattern review on Vogue 8548 from Tracy, an online customer from Perth.

Hi Colette!

Tracy in Perth here.

Remember the Diana mannequin you organised for me? (My cat Trixie loved the packaging so much.) I thought I'd show you one of the first things I made with the dress forms help: Vogue 8548, a beautiful retro-futuristic coat, that could be inspired by the cult TV series "UFO"!

I took my time to incorporate little tailoring things like padding the sleeve heads and making bound buttonholes. This Primaluna Fuchsia fabric was gorgeous to work with. I've worn the coat twice, and although it might be getting a little warm to wear it now, I doubt I'll ever tire of it!

I thought it wise to make a muslin for such a project (although I then had moments of doubt, as it looked almost Lab-coat in calico!). I cut a size 8-10 in View A, tapering in a little more at the waist and centre back after making the muslin. I cut the sleeves to about bracelet length, tapered sleeve fullness a little while retaining the distinctive flare, and added a third buttonhole above the bust for a more secure closure.

The lining instructions involved a lot of hand-sewing, so as advised by a sewer on SewingPatternReview, I bagged the lining (I made the entire lining & coat separately, then machine-sewed together in one seam from left front to right front bottom edges).

I referred heaps to my Nana's Readers Digest sewing 'Bible' regarding tailoring a coat: I padded the sleeve heads, added stabilising to the hem, and used the 'windowpane' technique for my bound buttonholes (my favourite method). Self-covered buttons add a retro touch - making these required some brute strength from my husband Paul! (the pattern did not require these steps, but I felt the extra time would be worth it.)

This was one of the most challenging thing I've made, but so much easier now that I have the Diana dress form to work with (thanks Tessuti!). I love the funnel neckline (not that it's for everyone). This fuchsia is one of my favourite colours, perfect for a hit of vivid colour to lift winter black, and the fabric is just beautiful..

Thanks again for your help in getting Diana to me.

Kindest regards


  1. That is a staggeringly beautiful coat. I would never have guessed it could be so divine from the pattern illustration! Ooh, this could be a challenge to line up for myself.

  2. This is a stunning coat...I think (think!) I have it in my stash. Or maybe it's a wishlist? Anyone, great color. Me, I would dress it up with a jazzy hand knit or crochet scarf to keep chills away at the neck.

  3. great coat. Nice pattern. Looks amazing!

  4. This is adorable. I HAVE to make this now. What kind of stabilizer did you use on the hem?

  5. Wow fabulous is that coat. Your sewing skills are enviable - and of course who doesn't love a cat cuddling up to Tessuti fabric.
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful !

  6. Hello everyone, Tracy here jumping in.
    Thankyou all for your lovely comments :)
    Erika, I used a fusible interfacing for the hem & other areas of the coat - the black and grey flexible type, pretty readily available (it almost looks like interlocked fabric).
    Noosa Girl - yes, my cat just loves pattern tissue!

  7. Stunning. That is a coat you will keep and wear forever. Absolutely delicious!

  8. Outrageously stunning Tracy!
    Love that colour.

  9. This coat is fabulous. I have the pattern and now want to make it. Your work is so professional.


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