Saturday, October 8, 2011

Julia's response to winning the Tessuti Awards

Apart from the fact that it is a very funny read, Julia goes into detail on her blog, about how she went about creating her stunning dress and it clearly shows why it was undoubtedly the deserving winner!

I love this paragraph about her reaction to finding out that she was the 1st place winner:

"The excitement and happiness I feel is ridiculous. I'm almost certain that I've permanently damaged by vocal chords after screaming compulsively until my fiance starting smothering me with a pillow so that the neighbours didn't think I was being murdered (ah the irony)."


  1. Stunning lace dress. How wonderful that Julia has embraced all of the opportunities that have presented themselves following her win. Great to hear that little Harry is enjoying the ride too. You go girl ! ( or woman actually).


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